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Question: Does anyone know if there is a Double-din kit for 86 model


May 25, 2014
1986 Coupe
I wanted to keep my Vette stock, but unfortunately as most of you out there know, the stock Bose stereo units and their related speakers do wear down and with newer hi-tech double-din units available, I've decided to hopefully make a change for the better. (Very annoying when driving down the highway in your automobile and either the sound fades, speakers crackle and sound fuzzy, etc.,)

I know the dash cover for the stereo unit will need to be modified, and I'm prepared to do that as the replacement unit I've purchased comes with a cover that will mask any imperfections when it's cut.

In my case, all I need to trim from either the top or the bottom is less than 2/8 of an inch.
I've already installed new speaker wires all around and have the modification connector that will allow me to use some of the existing wiring so the new unit will perform the ancillary controls IE: raise the antenna when the unit is turned on, provide power to the light on the stereo console, etc.,

My concern is with the back framing that holds the information center in place. (unit just above the stereo slot) Does anyone know if someone sells a double din kit that includes that modified harness? That contraption has a lot of wasted space, and I know it could be modified so the back of the new double din stereo will fit, but also provide some clearance to the top of the unit as well.


Are you sure a double DIN will fit?? I thought that the dash only allowed room for a 1.5 DIN. If you are looking for a good unit for your car, check out Krutchfield.
It's not cheap, but these guys should be able to hook you up.
Looks like there is plenty of room behind the bezel for a double din.
I had a double din Pioneer that wound up going in my '10 Silverado, but I thought about putting it in my '85 vette.
The existing bezel is only about 1/4" short in height of taking a double din.
My bezel is trash anyway, so when I do go double din, I'll probably take a shot at modifying it myself. Will probably cock it up, then buy this from doubledmods.

C4 Corvette Double Din Radio Bezel

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