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Donut seat for Vette



I just went thru Prostate surgery 5 weeks ago.....butt
is still sore :( Took the Vette out the other day gotta watch those bumps.
Couldn't resist

I hope everything came out ok... :) Seriously, hope you are doing well and recovery is 100%. Does the rumble of the exhaust help ease the discomfort? It sure helps me when I've had a BAD day. Good luck with your window sealing repair.

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The healing power of Corvettes

Hello My8T1,
I hope your recovery is fast and 100%. It is never fun being uncomfortable while you sit....
I have a bum hip from a long ago car accident (passenger) that makes sitting on my better days a challenge, and on my bad days?....fogeddaboudit!
However, I can sit in the 78s driver seat with no problems! I think it must have something to do with endorphins!..or just driving your FAVORITE car!
Best of luck to you and God Bless...had the same surgery almost 2 years ago..if you ever need to just chat a little about it or just want to yell about it e-mail me at ..t.sliwinski@gte .net....
Donuts ??

Geez...and I thought a post had opened up on Krispy Kreme Donuts. :(
Watch out for that Rare81...he's quite the character. Do you think there could ever be anything BUTT a BAD day with that face ?? :D:D:D
I think a few more days of driver seat therapy will do the trick for you.
The DoG wishes you a speedy recovery My8T1 !!

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