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Door Switch


jack bucy

Guys , I got one for you, some times when I leave my 1993
vette's side. my doors wont lock, and my horn wont sound off.
But then other times it does, Could this be the door ajar switch?
Thanks For Any Help.
Sincerely, Jack Bucy
P.S. I like this site.
That probuly would help if I gave more information, My auto door lock theft deterraint system was working fine until , about a month ago. it is suppose to lock the doors, and sound the horn when you get out of range with transmitter,and then unlock the doors and turn on lights when you get back in range, Now some times it does not lock the doors or honk the horn when i get out of range. so the doors dont lock, and the lights inside dont light up. also the hatch back button on drivers door wont work at same time , but then when you open the door , the interior lights take a while to light, and then you can use switch for back hatch,
like today the locks and everything worked fine twice , but the third time it didnt work. I hope that helps some.
Welcome To The Corvette Action Center jack bucy!

Before we can get anywhere with this, you'll have to be a little more explicit in describing what is happening and just how you're going about locking/unlocking your car. ;)

After market alarm...right?

when was the last time you changed the battery in the remote?

I agree with Ken...more info.

Did you have the Alarm installed?

No it is the stock system that was in 1993 .Some time the doors lock and some time they dont automaticly , when they lock the transmitter can unlock., its something do with door switch, because the interior light doesnt come on some times when you open the door.
thx any help will greatly be welcomed. It's called PKE (passive keyless entry system.
Try a little WD-40 on the door switches. It has worked for me.

Does the passenger side work correctly all the time?

The door switch in the pillar could be at fault
there is a 3 pin connector in the door jam

open the door slowly and if the lights do not come on press the door switch manually and let it SNAP open.. If that works try a bit of WD or Contact cleaner. The end of the switch has a cone on it.

Try pulling on the shaft and rotating it slightly in both directions to grind the corrosion off.

Let us know more,

Happy New Year

Switch Update

Guys I found the problem , with the door ajar switch, locking and interior lights, and rear window release. It was the switch on the door that makes contact with door pillar. New switch and no more problems.
Thx for all your help thou.

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