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Door switches



I noticed the other day that the security lamp in the drivers info panel was no longer working when the drivers door was opened, but that the interior light were working.I removed the panel under the drivers side dash and found a light blue wire hanging. Hmmmmm so I then unscrewed the switch and it had three wires to it, a white one, a tan one and a stubby piece of light blue wire. I then noticed that the white wire was chaffed and exposed. Seems that over the last 17 years the switch working in and out caused the wires to chaff and finally broke the light blue one. I soldered and taped the wires back together. The trick was putting it back in, you have to pretwist the switch in the opposite direction of install, clockwise. All works fine now.


door switch

Hi everyone

I need a little help noticed that when I opened the drivers door the lights and the alarm was not working no problem went to local chevy and got new switch and put it in.Everything worked fine after I changed it out on3/7/02 last night I opened the door and the switch button fell out went back to chevy today got another and that one was bad too chevy is ordering me another one. I told them about my concern because the switchs don`t seem to be as good as the oridg. even have same no.

Also on the A/C and heater sometime after I start the car and try to turn on auto nothing happens try and try nothing go into any other setting ok then back to auto ok is this normal? It dos`t do it all the time.

Thanks for any help




Got the new switch from chevy put it in and it fell apart like the first one after the second time I closed the door.The other two from chevy had no contact checked with ohm meter one at chevy before I got it home it was bad out of the box he ordered me another one that turned out to be no good.after all this I went to napa auto parts he got me a switch for less than 1/2 what I payed at chevy and the napa switch is much better than the ACDelco I had to learn the hard way that sometimes OE is not the best. Sorry for sounding off but this realy made me mad.:mad



Quality control?

I go back a few years more than some of you. I have seen a gradual decline in the way America does business. All auto makers work a part from a spec. sheet, and then solicit the lowest bidder to manufacturer that part. The first few parts may undergo some attempt at quailty control, but the vast majority do not. That part that cost you $16.43 probably costs 71 cents to make. If it fails to function so what! They give you another at a cost of 71 cents. The time you have spent driving to and from the dealer at least twice, plus your installation times, plus your negative feelings because of the bad part are not important.
What can the average person do about this progressively worsening situation? NOTHING!!
I have seven quality vehicles including my ZR1, a Pantera pre-L and a 2001 Porsche Boxter S. With the exception of the Porsche I am afraid to go to the dealers or vendors for anything.
I wish I had an answer.
America is pennywise and dollar foolish,as the "Bottom Line" and greed are more important than pride and accomplishment.

Of course there are many factors, including unionism, making the American auto makers seek a cheaper alternative to "Made in the USA", but that would start a course in Economics 101.

Sorry for my ramblings.


Made in USA

You want to know what is made in the USA? Nothing. We don't make anything anymore. We might assemble it here. We might even make a part that goes in it and assemble it here, but almost NOTHING is made totally here in the good ole US of A. For the most part we are a nation of consumers. We USED to build things here...quality goods, but since labor is cheaper in other countries thus the cost of production is cheaper the work gets done elsewhere. Nobodys fault but ours really. I don't like it, but then again, I don't buy overpriced goods. I like to buy quality at almost any price, but even that is hard to find these days. OK--end of my rant.

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