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Drive line insertion.


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Jul 5, 2004
So Cal
2004 Millenium Yellow Coupe
I hope someone here can answer this question.
What is the typical insertion measurement for the forward yoke (splined) end of the driveshaft into the transmission/transfer case. I just lifted my Silverado and I want to be sure I have enough spline engagement to be safe. It's an 03 1/2 ton 4WD Automatic. Anybody?
I don't what the Typical is But you need to have at least 2 in.- 2 1/2 in. with suspension completely unloaded!! And I'd Feel Better with 3 in. You Don't Want to Hit a Big Bump or in a Twist and Jerk that out of There!! That Would Inhale a Fat Puppy's Rectal Region!! :Djunk!!
Thanks Junk, I have a high frequency vibration that starts abruptly at 73mph with a slight growl and only under a load. Given that it is HF I am assuming it's too little insertion since the lift took it out probably close to an inch. I'll pull it out tonight and see just how much I really have. :cool
Vibration after 6 inch lift

I just got my truck back. After the 3rd set of gears the problem still existed. I was laughing at that point at the service manager. He finally took my advice and had the driveshaft sent out for trueing and balance. I also had them change the U-joints. viola, It drives like a new truck again. Thanks Junk!

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