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Driver memory seat problems


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Sep 26, 2002
Punta Gorda, Florida
2017 Blk Rose GS Conv; 2019 Ceramic Gray GS Conv
I have a 2019 Grand Sport convertible. Shortly after buying it I noticed that the driver memory seat worked sporadically. I took it to the dealer and they first thought it was the key fobs so they ordered new ones. This did not solve the problem. They said that they would next order a new module for the door. For some reason, they failed to order it. We needed to head north from Florida to our summer home so the dealer told me to call them before we returned and they would order one so it could get installed as soon as we arrived. We drove to our northern home where I have a 2017 Grand Sport convertible. Shortly after arriving, the memory seat in this car behaved the same as the one in Florida. I took it to the dealer and explained my problem and told them I also had it in Florida with 2019. They contacted GM and were told to take the door panel off and perform some tests on the module. They found it to be ok but they still got some error codes. GM then told them that the switch on the seat was probably faulty. They ordered a new one. It turns out that if you program the seat to go to the fully back position when you exit the car the switch gets locked into an open mode and will not allow the memory to work properly. I was told that when programming the seat I should push it back all the way and then bring it forward a little bit before locking it in place with the control on the door. I do not know how many other folks have experienced this problem but the solution is relatively simple. When I get back to Florida I will try the same solution on that car.


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Nov 24, 2003
Las Vegas, NV
2017 Grand Sport 90 ZR1 57 Bel Air
I have had the same problem with my '17 Grand Sport. Thanks for the info.

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