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ECM code P1416 "Service Engine" light



My service engine light has coming on and going off for the last month and it's driving me nuts. Using a scanner it tells me its a code P1416.
I know this is a "Secondary Air Injection (AIR) System Bank 2 issue, but am not sure how to address it from the bottom up. My mechanic said to replace the air pump and other have said to start by looking for plugged hoses and or coroded wires - all of which I will be trying.

Has anyone else has this issue with the LT4? Mines in a 96 CE. The driveability has not changed a bit. Do I need to get this fixed ASAP, or can I take my time?

Thanks in advance for your assistance. Brian
Brian I don't know if this helps you but a friend of mine with another LT4 had a code such as yours. His Diverter valve was bad! FYI the black canister looking thing with a pipe going into the exhaust manifolds. His was the one on passenger side bank or back of the motor!! I guess if the car sits over the winter the diverter valves can rust internally.
Hope this helps.
on going issue

When you pull the hoses off see if theres water in the air pump if there is, that for sure indicates a failed air pump. If so then your check valves are no good too. Meaning exhaust condensation has leaked into the air pump. :confused It's been an issue with GM electric air pumps for quite sometime. I am seeing it frequently on the new S Blazer. Warranty work Grrrrrrrr!!
I recebtrly had to replace the water pump and while at it, discovered a little bit of water in the air pump lines. I replaced the air pump, the lines and all 4 O2 sensors and lo and behold - no more codes!!

Thanks again everybody!!
MY check engine light just came on yersterday. I noticed it idling rough when my air conditioner is running. It idles better when I shut down the AC. I'm taking it in next week to have it looked at. I'll let you know what the computer readout says. Has anyone else had this problem? :(
My guess is the diverter valve or some other problem on that side. If the pump was bad, you'd be setting codes for both sides because, the Corvette has one pump to feed both sides of the engine.

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