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Edelbrock # 1901 Q-Jet



I have recently installed a new Edelbrock 2101 intake and a Edelbeock 1901 Q-Jet Carb with a divorced choke. The car will smoke when started and when under excelleration. It does idle okay. It didn't smoke with the old intake carb setup, so I'm thinking it is either an Air/Fuel mixture - timing issue or it just need time to break in. Any thoughts?
Steve are we talking black smoke here? Black is usually a rich fuel condition if it is severe, milage will be poor and your plugs will blacken as well. Could be you've got some carb tuning to do.
Yes, the smoke is definetly grey/black. Any suggestions on tuning the carb?
Is the choke all the way open when warm? If not , could be the rod length.You may have to make one,a heavy coat hanger works well and usually takes me about 3 or 4 times until I'm happy with the length and shape.
I'm not familar with the Edelbrock that you refer to. I have a 1407 on my 81 and experienced a very rich condition from the getgo. I changed rods and jets to a smaller size and now have it running great. Quite honestly it could be anything from a float/fuel level problem to something coming disconnected during shipping. I found one of my metering rods disconnected when I first installed mine. Rough handling during shipping was the suspected cause. You might start by lifting the top off the carb and looking around. Is the accelerator pump adjustable on this version. I also cut mine back to the middle hole to lessen the throw.
Thanks for the tips on shipping issues, I will look into it.

I will also verify the choke situation.

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