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Electrical issues


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Jan 23, 2023
2001 torch red
I'm new to the C5. Just picked up my first corvette. Has some work to it. The last 19 years of my career have been in the automotive collision industry. I have a fair bit of knowledge with cars. But this corvette..is kicking my @$$

It's recently decided to have idling problems. Typically when you start the car, the guages do a sweep sequence, the display does its little thing. Well now.. when the car is running, it will consistently do that sequence with the gauges.

It stabilized with a jump box on the battery.
So I am assuming it needs and alternator. Battery terminals are all tight. Grounds are good.


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I had a few weird C5 issues and found a thread in this section that detailed the locations of the ground point, 17 or so. As recommended, I cleaned up the easy to find ones and all issues cleared; never recurred.
I'm going to throw a new battery in it and a new alternator to remove them from being an issue. The grounds all seem good. Everything going to chassis are all solid. I'm new to the corvettes. This is my first one, and I won't be able to keep it once I'm done.
Oh so youir a parts changer,Good luck with that! C5's Have a history of haveing Ground problems and there are allot of them! You just can't look at them,You need to take them apart and clean'm,ALL of them! High resistance or non-existant grounds make Corvette electronics do weard SHIT!~~!! PS. It needs to have at least a 120 RC Battery too!
Yeah, parts charger..sure. I know the grounds are fine..because they were all checked and cleaned when I pulled the engine out to replace it with a Z06 engine. I cleaned the repainted the rails. The grounds were cleaned. As since the new alternator and deep cycle battery, everything is fine. Outside of the car deciding it only wants to start when it's ready. Solenoid on starter is crap. There are a few little issues I need to address. Fuel gauge doesn't work, pump needs replaced. Starter needs replaced. But..that's to be expected with a 20yr old car. Shit i should have done when I had motor out.

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