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Engine code suffix


72 Bluz

I know my engine was rebuilt 15k miles ago. Was looking around and jotting down numbers the other day and saw the suffix CKB. Can't find that in my black book. I think I read it properly. It appears to be stamped in at the end of the valve cover. Can anyone help me with this suffix?

72 Bluz
I have a repair book for all GM cars dated 1975. CKB came up under several GM cars:

1973 Chevy Nova & Camaro with 350ci, manual tranny, 175 h.p.

1973 Chevy Chevelle & Monte Carlo with 350ci, manual tranny, 145 h.p.

1972 general Chevy engine for passanger cars with automatic

It looks like this was a very popular engine combo for many Chevy cars between 1972 and 1973. Hope this helps.



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