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Help! engine concerns


May 31, 2008
81 black coupe
All, I took a drive and decided it was time to let loose and see what she has, the ride was great and no problems at all, however when I shut the engine I heard a huge "klunk" like the block was going to fall, and then I noticed some antifreeze on top of the block itself....Any help and guidance would be appreciated
checked the hoses nothing out of the ordinary, Im not sure what caused that huge clunk sound after I turned off the engine
FWIW....Check you motor mounts to see if one of them broke...
the only clunk would be from the engine falling back into place...
here is the pic, the puddle of antifreeze was located just under the air filter right on the block itself
Hey Chief, It is not uncommon for Chevy engines to seep coolant around the thermostat housing gasket and puddle in low spots on the intake manifold.
You have a leak none-the-less that needs to be addressed. I would start with the thermostat housing gasket. First, make sure the hose to the thermostat housing is not the problem and then go from there.
Check the thermostat housing to make sure it is flat and not warped. Put a flat edge against where the gasket area is to see if it is flat.

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