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engine for sale might possibly part out another ZR1


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Dec 25, 2002
Kalamazoo MI
90 ZR-1 #854 and 1968 427/400 coupe
Complete running car as it sits is for sale at $20,000

Black on black 90 has just under 80000 miles on it Im in the middle of a deal to sell it without the engine if the buyer doesnt want the car im going to see if there is interest in the parts

Im just guaging interest in what part(s) you might want or need this is to see if I want to part it out or keep driving it repaint it and sell it as a nice example of a slightly modified 90 ZR1
Unfortunatly the car is worth more in parts than it is whole and while its unfortunate to do this parting it may happen. I can part it less the motor for upwards of $15,000

Also have DRM 500 engine all paper work from rippie on the car has alot of money put into it! almost $15,000 a few years back
new rods
new pistons
full top end porting from the heads up
and a buch of other work
Car has 419 hp at the wheels check the dyno

Id want $10,000 for the motor any takers?

Car has watson headers early flowmaster cat back, 4.10 gears and DRM rear suspension upgrades just a bunch of go fast goodies have been done to this car

Big thing is it needs paint and new seats other wise its a great car. I currently have red interior installed but it would be the black interior that goes with car The driver seat has a big tear down where the parking brake cover is, other wise a few of the plastic pieces are cracked like the covers in back for the targa top storage.

anyway heres some shots of the motor after I installed it shes a beauty

I dont have any current shots of the interior or exterior I keep working until dark so ill try to get that done asap jp





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