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Sep 6, 2012
Woodland Hills CA
1995 Red ZR-1
So my LT4 with 15,000 mi threw a fault code P1441 which one source tells me is either a bad purge solenoid or a fuel tank pressure sensor. I picked up a scanner when the light went on & checked online for possible causes.

Anyone have any experience with this? Where are these parts located?

Thanks :ugh
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I have never had this code on my 1996 LT4, however I did get the 1441 code on my 1996 Monte Carlo this summer. I cleared the code and drove it. I cleared the code 2 or 3 more times and since about a month ago have not had this code appear. Hope it stays away. Clearing a code takes less than a minute.
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I've cleared it numerous times. Sometimes it lasts for weeks, other times a weekend. I think it depends on certain cycles. When I finally get motivated I'll try replacing a few parts. I'm thinking it's more of a "time" issue rather than parts wearing out from use- 16,000mi.:ugh

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