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suppose, just suppose i wanted to change the carb, intake and add headers to this newly rebuilt L 82 engine. i'd want the headers to have spark plug clearance so as not to burn the wires and cook the engine compartment.also to adapt to the dual pipes.
the intake on now is not the same as the L 48 engine intake. which new intake will be better from 1500 to 6000 and still give me hood clearance? the carb, big question. holly use to make a spread bore to replace the q-jet. i had good results with that one in the 70s. should i do the q-jet or do a new holly? need some ideas for this job, if i do it.
lets go guys, this is your chance to spend MY money.
if it sounds right, i just may do it.
the intake and carb choices are plentifull. it all depends on what you are going for. i am guessing that the L-82 you rebuilt is to factory standards, stock, and with an L-82 manifold. my limited memory thinks the L-48 manifold is a standard low-pro passenger car intake, and the L-82 is a high rise dual plane and both are spread bores. if so, the best set up (with factory GM high rise) is running the q-jet. they are harder to set up, but you won't have to re-tune once it is. most of the good carb shops in alaska charge $300 - $350 to rebuild and tweak in a q-jet. so if you can get a good rebuild cheap, it will save you cash and you won't have to change intakes. another very good option is the eldelbrock version of the q-jet. they make a spread bore that directly replaces the q-jet and is street legal in all 50 states. it runs about $400 - $450 up here. my experience is that edelbrocks have proven to be very easy to tune. plus they don't need adjustments as often as holleys. the rise of the intake generally ='s better power from better flow. i was running a GM highrise, q-jet equipped L-82 with a drop base GM air cleaner. i had no hood clearence problems, it actually had 1.75 inches of clearance!
as for the exhaust, i had all dynomax stuff. their headers fit very well and performed good. they sell a dual pipe kit for running to the rear, it is 2.25 inch i.d. i also went with the dynomax ultraflo turbo mufflers, stainless. the muffs sound awesome!!! it is quiet with a nice deep rumble at idle up to 2000rpm. after 2000, they start getting loud, but not to loud. you can make long trips at 3500 rpm and not get annoyed, plus the muffs won't rust out. i think the hole exhaust kit, heads to rear bumper, cost me $700. another option is hooker sidepipes! they will run about $1100 for chrome and $1300 for ceramic. as you may already know, any change to the exhaust may have federal implications.
i hope this helps you out. as for the intakes and carbs, almost everything will work, unless you want to get crazy and go single plane high rise. good luck and keep us posted, brian
Myself, personally, it comes down to tuning the carb than anything else. You can get a Quadrajunk, er, Quadrajet tuned up like Brian says, but when you consider the price of some local guys it seems to be too much money. You can send one out to Holley or Bigs Performance where they can wet-flow bench it and build around your engine/driveline combination for about the same. Of course, Edelbrock and Holley can match you up a carb/intake combo that should compliment any future upgrades like a cam, ignition and heads. If you're not into tuning these things yourself, a proven and tested combination is the easy way to go.--Bullitt

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