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Engine Number


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Dec 11, 2001
Edmond, OK
2010 GS Black Convertible
Have just recently purchased a 1964 Coupe with a 327 ci,
365 hp engine. Have checked intake @ carburator #/s and
they seem to match. However, the engine block number
appears to be V0915YW on some papers that I have for a
rebuild on the motor. My question is if this is the correct
motor for this year or a replacement. Any help will be
Block identification


I have the Corvette Black Book, and if send the Block Identification no., front passenger side by the waterpump, I may be able to help. I have done some research at the following web site : www.nastyz28.com/sbcmenu.html

Hope this helps!
Mike -

"Y" codes were all truck applications. 327/365 suffix codes were RE, RR (with A/C), RT (Trans. Ign.), and RU (T.I. & A/C). Can you post the block casting number (behind driver's side head) and the casting date code (behind passenger side head) and the casting numbers and dates from the heads (must remove valve covers to see them)? That will give us more insight into the engine.
Engine #

Thanks for the information. It would appear from the site
that 61 Silver and John Z referenced that this may be a truck block. I have not stenciled off the number myself and have not had time to take of the valve covers to examine head dates more
closely. However, the previous owner told me that the block
was a replacement, so I was curious to find out the correct
# to possibly look for the correct block. Thanks for the help.

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