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errorcode 43



I have my B&B-trifow, Lingenfelter SuperRam en Edelbrockheads mounted.

When a accelerate it goes about 4sec like a rocket, but then I get a 43 errorcode. I think that all the electronics are oke. Is it possible that, when the engine get less fuel, this can happen? The error won't go away, unless I stop the engine. Also egr disconnected.

I should have more hp en torque, BUT I HAVE LESS.

Maby sombody can help?

John. Thanks.
Well according to Chiltons manual the code 43 says" Knock sensor (KS) or Electronic Spark Control (ESC) circuit fault.
If you look at the Haynes it says,"Knock Sensor (KS) circuit.
Probable cause," Check the ECM for an open or short to ground. If necessary reroute the harness away from other wires such as spark plugs, etc. Replace the knock sensor.
Mine gave the same code, so I removed the wire and sensor, cleaned the contacts then put it back in place. The code never reappeared. I did remove the negative cable to the battery for a few minutes to reset the ECM and all clear...no more code.
eagle, thanks!

I have replace de noksensor and add a reglatorfuelpressure. Now a have 51 ponds of pressure.

Till now a dit not get a errorcode anymore. But it not okey yet, because i have a harderror now. Engine is very bad at idele and sometimes the engine stops at idle after a quick stop.

Tommorow a wil go to the dealer again (and again, and again), to see wath the errorcode is.

From all the books I have read and from information from the great folks on this site I have learned that when you start getting codes don't start replacing sensore. The books say that more often then not the problem will be in the connections.
Time will cause connections to come loose and the enviorment will cause some to corrode. Before changing sensors make sure you have good clean connections to the sensors. Like I said earlier I fixed mine just by cleaning the the connector to the knock sensor. Hope this helps...take care...
it's found tahnks for the help

They have replaced two new electric switches for the MAF-sensor, thats was the reason for the bad idle too. All the connectors were already cleaned and checked.

Now I have the error witch I was waiting for: EGR, the emmission controle system is disconnected.

The car performs a lot better than original, he can breath! I think a have 80 hp more (guissing) and above 3500 rmp it goes like a horse with a pepper in his ass!



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