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ERRORS in the 1981 Shop Manual


Dec 12, 2001
San Ramon, CA USA
Two items:

1) The 1981 GM Shop Manual has many errors. Mostly having to do with wiring diagrams and component locations. As best as I can tell, it appeats they used date from the 1980 model year and they did not go back and validate the contents. So, if you find discprepancies, your car may be correct.

Since I have documented several of these errors in my manual, and if there is sufficient interest, I will post the errors that I have found. BTW, I wrote GM a letter back in 1981, I still have their repspone. It was very disappointing -- typical of someone not wanting to say they screwed up.

2) Since the 1981 manual has neither an Index or a detailed Table of Contents, I have been meaning to create a detailed Index in MS-Word format. Before I embark on this, has anyone already done this?




Having a late St. Louis '81 this does not surprise me. I can list a number of things different on mine than are shown in the Shop Manual. I w/b seriously interested in any data you have wrt errors. An "ain't my fault" response from GM? Why does that not surprise me? In the minor work I've had to do with mine I have not found anything incorrectly shown or labeled yet, just a couple unusual items like HD U-Joints (used on Std Tranny cars) that were assembled on my (auto) car, ...etc Keep us informed.

Regards......... Nut

Eventhough I don't own that year model, I still think that would be great info to have available.

Please tell me that there was no problems with the wiper diagrams. I am getting ready to put them to the ultimate test n a couple of days when I finish wiring the 82 Delay/Pulse circuit in my 69.

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You're in luck, the Wiper circuit is correct.

Although in my opinion it is lacking a full desctiption of the operation. Older GM manuals had much better detail in this area.

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