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extremely rare FEULING "CENTERFIRE" HEADS for 454/BB Chevy - FOR SALE

Got a phone?..

You guys think I'm BS'n you... If you read what I posted, I said TOM KLEIN of KLEIN ENGINES recently sold a set for $100,000, and I gave his phone number... He can tell you anything you'd ever want to know about FEULING Centerfire heads, because he was involved in their development, and was the sole company allowed to sell them.
Same AD - multiple sites... What's wrong with that?..

Something wrong with placing the same ad on multiple sites when you're planning on selling something?..
Got a BIBLE?..

I swear that all the information that I've posted is "the whole truth, and nothing but the truth..." the only way to deal with anyone.
Someone who saw this post on "CAC" emailed me a $20,000 offer the first day it appeared, so even though many of you may not be interested, there are and will be some who are.

You should have accepted the $20K. That would've put you $17K dollars ahead. :)

My neighbor has a "one-of" set of custom heads on his 1,400 Horsepower Hemi, and they didn't cost more than $4K per head. :ugh

Good luck selling them.

Blah, Blah...

FEULING heads can't be compared to any other custom heads... ask your buddy what RPM range he makes his peak torque. I'll guarantee that it's above 4,500 to 5,000 RPM. Great for the track, but not on the street. Large ports and valves sacrifice low end, to gain at the top end. The old common thinking that bigger is better, flow more air, all engines are like an air pump, BLAH, BLAH... :blah

That's why FEULING's mastery shines... Peak torque and horsepower is from around 2,000 RPM thru 4,200 RPM where it's usable... plus you're saving 19% of your fuel over stock heads!..


I recommend that you do some homework to understand Jim Feuling's revolutionary design. I could provide PDF's of a 6 page "Popular Hot Rodding" article from April, 1997, and a 4 page "Vette" magazine article from January, 1998, that explain every design detail... These articles sold me! I'd attach them to this post for everyone to marvel at, but each PDF page scan is 400k to 500k and this site may not accept PDF's that large, but I'll give it a try right now. (278k is this site's file size limit... anyone know a site administrator that could allow larger file sizes?) I can email all 10 files to anyone interested in some very interesting reading... just provide your email address, and let me know whether to send them separately or all together in one email.
My point is that they are just a pair of cylinder heads, and although they may be,"fancy", your claim that they are worth more than $20K is outrageous. For $20K, I could find a nice little crate motor to take any car to time-slip-heaven. :eyerole:D

As I said, good luck!

I'm sorry you feel I'm wasting people's time. I figured a pistonhead with a big block C2, C3 or C4 Vette might be interested, plus there sure seems to be alot of interest in this post. Vette guys usually have expendable income, no?..

Just 1 Quick Question,
Are you a blood relative of "Nelson84"?~??? :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle

Just 1 Quick Question,
Are you a blood relative of "Nelson84"?~??? :chuckle:chuckle:chuckle


Good thing my f***ing coffee isn't ready yet 'cause, if I was drinkin' it, I'da spit it all over the monitor and keyboard.

Why don't you post the price you are willing to sell these things for, and end the drama?
Yeah guys, I'm new to this site... fill me in on "Nelson84", I need a good laugh too!

that $20,000 crate engine can't compete with a docile, fuel efficient 572 making 800 ft. lbs. of torque at 2,000 RPM on the street... probably couldn't keep up with a 454 with FEULING heads on it!

any of you non-believers talk to expert engine builder Tom Klein yet? C'mon, do some homework & get out of the "old school" rut... Even any supercharger, turbo's or nitrous can't beat the same engine with just these FEULING heads & cam, even using stock exhaust manifolds.
Don't get us wrong...

It's not that the late Jim Feuling's BBC heads have don't street creds– especially, in low rpm, high load duty cycles. It's the the idea of you wanting 20 grand for the heads that is drawing all the laughter.

There is no BBC head worth that much.

You could build a more powerful Big-Block using other heads for less money. In fact, you could do a Gen 3, using the LSX block, which could be more powerful and a lot lighter.
The drama continues... laugh now, then cry later

(lmao) I turned down the $20G...
I can guarantee that these serial #1 & 2 heads will sell for over $50,000 to a smart buyer in the FEULING cult.
(lmao) I turned down the $20G...
I can guarantee that these serial #1 & 2 heads will sell for over $50,000 to a smart buyer in the FEULING cult.

You can guarantee all you want to you heart's content, but you mere 15 posts won't help you get any takers on a free stick of gum...:L;LOL

What you seem to be doing here is perhaps the equivalent as if a person sets up a table at street corner and promises to pay $5,000 if you can spot the pea under the right cup :chuckle Not credible!

So you would do better if you could post some verifiable data results on a particular engine. It would at least generate a bit of intelligent discussion in what gains these heads could yield on a particular engine....not just claims the like of finding the fountain of youth or similarly wild claims. :)

P.S. Does anyone know how much would a ZR-1 turn-key engine would cost? If it less that $50 Grand, then that would be a better choice, que no?
I kinda think you've run out of interested prospects here .You might want to try Corvette Forum and Digital Corvette Forum those folks have a lot more money than us poor folks and they'll recognize a bargain quickly.:thumb

Not tryin' to run ya off or offend ya just being helpful .:)
OK, pea's under which cup?..


I'll talk to Tom Klein about getting his dyno plot results on the 572 before and after the FEULING heads, showing HP/torque/fuel consumption.
Yeah, thanks vette boy...

I know... a newbie like me needs 2,000 to 4,000 posts to be accepted around here. Just spreadin' my word around

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