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extremely rare FEULING "CENTERFIRE" HEADS for 454/BB Chevy - FOR SALE


Have you listed these on CF or any of the other "Vette guys usually have expendable income, no?..sites? You "might want to put on your flame suit, just in case. I have tried very hard not to post in this thread for a few reasons.
1. I have no use for them.
2. I can't say they are or are not worth what you're asking.
3. I won't hijack the thread and ruin my squeaky clean reputation by saying what I think.
4. I eat, sleep and breath hands on HP, ask anybody here, I have a smiley named after my antics. :lou
5. Lastly, I've owned more boats/toys than anyone deserves, I live on the largest lake in NJ (nothing to brag about) and my next door neighbor has a 22' Baha, cuddy cabin with a completely stock 454 that runs 67MPH GPS certified, clocked with radar by one of my NJSP friends (NJ State Police) marine division.
Good luck with the sale, I'll be quietly watching from the peanut gallery where I most likely belong:beer
I know... a newbie like me needs 2,000 to 4,000 posts to be accepted around here. Just spreadin' my word around

Actually, we're not all about "post count" here like some other forums. There's several guys who have a smaller number of posts but are very well respected. You're running into a bit of polite heat because you're flogging your goods like a snake oil salesman. If your idea was to attract attention, you've done so... :welcome

And, no, I'm not going to change the forum's file size restrictions for you. Perhaps you can provide a link to these articles elsewhere on the web?


... You're running into a bit of polite heat because you're flogging your goods like a snake oil salesman....

Very well illustrated. :D I mentioned your post count because we don't know you from beans, but I would not be surprised if CAC administration were to tell me that only 10% of my post count was direct help to other members (which makes it 90% B.S.'ing...:chuckle:L;LOL ), so don't let that detract you.

Here is one observation already. You started talking about stock 454's, but you are already up to 572's which most everyone have seen that episode in TV when J. Leno got his custom 572 engine stuffed in his Riviera, so to make people open up to listening your argument about these miracle heads, you oath to keep it in the realm of the 454 engine...I am just saying. :D

I'll talk to Tom Klein about getting his dyno plot results on the 572 before and after the FEULING heads, showing HP/torque/fuel consumption.
I hope you have better luck finding him than I have. I tried calling (877) 995-3963 (as you listed in previous thread) only to get a voice mail ... with no response back to questions I have offered up to a voice mail ;)

I also just for the heck of it did a reverse phone number look up and was shocked to find nothing listed for (877) 995-3963 guess maybe it is an unlisted number or something, maybe just the men in black can access it ;shrug...

Good luck and be sure to ask Tom to return my call Please ;)

Bud Dougherty
Forums Administrator
Ask, and you shall receive...


I hadn't talked to Tom Klein since I put the FEULING heads on my Donzi 22ZX and dialed it in back in 1998, but found Klein's (877) 995-3963 number while GOOGLE searching him... I called that number last week while trying to track down a couple gasket sets for these heads, and he picked up on the third ring. During our conversations about the $100,000 he recently got for a FEULING head kit (He was actually given 2 kits by his close friend Jim Feuling before he died), and about the mind blowing dyno results on the 572, He did mention he was heading out of town, and to call him if I had any other questions he'd be glad to help...

So, I left him a message last night and I'm gonna try to get whatever he will provide as far as dyno results on different big block GM engines that the FEULING Centerfire heads will fit on: 454, 502 on up... and I'll ask him to return your call, Bud.

As far as posting the 2 old "Popular Hot Rodding" & "Vette" magazine tech articles, I'm gonna take hi-res photos of the 10 pages, then try to save them as a small enough, readable file size in PhotoShop to be able to post them somewhere with a link. I do have PDF's of them already that can be emailed to anyone that's interested in reading them...

BTW: I found Klein's phone number in his logo on this site:
Litigation against someone for anything means nothing, winning is the proof of that action. Been there, done that 11 years ago in a New York court.

Feuling Advanced Technologies, Inc. v. DaimlerChrysler AG et al (99-CV-374, 00-CV-1541, S.D. Cal. 2000-2003), patent infringement litigations in which Mr. Lennon obtained a judgment of lack of standing, an award of attorneys’ fees and costs, and a bifurcated trial and judgment that two asserted patents were unenforceable for inequitable conduct (reported at 276 F. Supp. 2d 1054), for DaimlerChryslerAG, Mercedes-Benz USA, Inc. and their affiliated companies.
Bud got the word direct from Robert @ Klein Engines...

OK guys, I just got off the phone with Robert @ Klein Engines (602) 257-8146, and he said he spoke today with CAC Administrator: Yoda/Bud, and verified everything I'e been telling you guys: the $100,000 FEULING Centerfire head kit, and that they went on that 572 with Hillborn injection putting out 800 ft.lbs. from 2,000 past 5,000 RPM... I was told the 572 went into a very rare Corvette that is headed for auction by "Barrett Jackson".

We've gotta get permission from Tom Klein to release their dyno reports on that 572 and on other big block GM engines tested with these heads, but Tom is in the process of retiring and is vacationing in Hawaii right now. I've asked that Tom call me when he gets back, and I'll post everything they release to me. Robert verified these heads will fit on any old generation GM big blocks including 348, 396, 427, 454, 502 on up to the 572, and even fits on the 366 truck block. New generation GM block guys are out of luck.

Robert told me another interesting tidbit of information...
There were only five sets of these heads ever made, so I think that backs up my statement that these FEULING heads are EXTREMELY RARE, and again, I've got serial #'s 1 & 2!

Thank you Jim Feuling, you were a genius!.. May he rest in peace.
I don't know what you are smoking or drinking or eating, but before you put your lies in as my words, PLEASE don't desecrate the life and work of Jim Feuling by using me to help you live what fantasy it is that you are trying to live!!

I talked to Robert and I did not receive the same story you are relaying :nono to the contrary I was told a whole different story. Before you dig any deeper you might want to call Robert back and ask about using any reference to Tom Klein or Tom Klein industry in any future post you are thinking of posting.

I talked to Robert TWICE today. Once before and once after his phone call to Mr. Klein.. Are you absolutely sure Robert said anything about the S/N'ed heads you say you have ... think for a moment and be totally honest..

Bud Dougherty
Forums Administrator
I called Robert to make sure my information is correct.

Five sets were built, NONE have casting numbers NONE have S/N.. they each had a tag attached..

The last set of Jim Feulings Heads were sold to a Corvette Enthusiast that is having a Corvette Built esp. for the purpose of selling at BJ auction, and those heads did sell for $100,000. Klein Engines has one set of never installed heads in the shop.

You can twist the truth around all you want, but DO NOT interpret or translate my words to fit your agenda..

You may or may not have one of the original set of 5, I would insist on an inspection by Tom Klein and validation of what they are.

"capVette"...time for you to find another forum site. With your street creds in shambles, no one here is going give you 20 bucks, much less 20,000, for that set of heads.

Bud, thanks for taking time to do some research.
You guys are like little old ladies...

Bud, you are only partly correct about the serial numbers, they are on separate plates that are not attached to the heads, I know, because I have the f...in' heads!.. plus I never said they had casting numbers. and where do you get off saying I'm desecrating the life and work of Jim Feuling, you guys are the ones attempting to do that... I've done nothing but praise his work and these heads! I think you better go back and read everything I've posted.

And as I said, Tom had two sets of the heads, one set of which sold for the $100,000 and went on that 572! I don't give a crap if you guys believe it or not, but EVERYTHING I've posted hereon was the 100% truth. Try as you may, you are not going to discredit me because the people involved in the R & D (Feuling & company and his old friend Tom Klein from Klein Engines) of these heads, know that I've got the first set, and they'll verify it for anyone interested in buying the heads, otherwise don't bother them. Bud's calls to Robert @ Klein's already ruffled a few feathers...

I don't know what everyone's problem is, this site is open for advertising "parts for sale", and that is what I'm doing whether they like it or not... I'm not breaking any laws, am being 100% honest, and plan to get the most $money I can out of my FEULING kit for these simple reasons:
1) Rarity: 5 sets produced, I bought first kit in 1998 and have serial #'s 1 & 2
2) recent set sold for $100,000 to a bottling co. owner (I now know who)
3) No other existing head design on the market makes more street usable torque/HP in the 2,000 to 5,000 RPM range, according to dyno testing performed by Klein Engines

Lastly, If any of you guys don't like what I'm selling, or what I'm saying, just don't bother with my post... maybe I'll go away
Let me in on it!.. so I can laugh at myself too

Inside jokes are no fun... who's NELSON84? I need a good laugh too after the way you guys keep bashin' me!
I don't even know your name.. capVette..

Why would me calling Klein Engine "ruffled a few feathers..." I asked and I was told POINT BLANK the head did NOT have S/N... that is maybe a small thing to you, but when you state you Have Serial #1 & #2 and the company (the only company to ever sell these heads) that had a hand in the development and Sale of this product... point blank states NO SERIAL NUMBERS were assigned to the heads??

How do you explain you have Feuling Heads #1 & #2 and not have some challenge your claim??? As for the Truth... I don't know the Truth other than what I read from you and have been told by a representative of Klein Engines.. Go figure ..

And as for Nelson84... that goes back a year or so to a new product to be on the market called the Renegade Intake Manifold esp. engineered, designed and produced specifically for the CrossFire Chevrolet Injected Engine... Many many claims and to this day unspecific claims without any documentation of performance results just. sop specs

Bud Dougherty
SERIAL killer...

It ruffled feathers because Robert called and bothered Tom Klein while on vacation in Hawaii, I think I'd be pissed too!.. But it wasn't your fault.

Regarding the serial numbers... talk to Tom Klein AFTER he gets back, and he'll verify anything & everything you want because he was the only other company involved in the R & D of these FEULING Centerfire Heads/kit, and he SOLELY was the company allowed to sell them. Unfortunately, Jim Feuling has past, but there are persons at FEULINGPARTS.COM that were involved with Jim Feuling back in 1997 when things were under development, and they now work for FeulingParts... But Tom Klein is the man that knows all, because he worked closely with Jim Feuling on this project, that's why he was sole distributor and why he was given the two remaining 2 kits.

I will be vindicated, and if and when you verify it with Tom Klein just to set the record straight, I hope you'll publish your findings that I was TELLING THE TRUTH ALL ALONG about the items that you've verified with Tom.

Thanks in advance,
Ralph Gugar

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