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I purchased a repro fan shroud from Corvette Central for my 67 427/400 A/C roadster. My mechanic is throwing a fit stating it is supposed to be in three pieces and bonded together AFTER you put it in the car. With one piece, you have to remove the A brackets just to get it in and out without damaging the unit. Any thoughts out there? Or is my mechanic off base?
My '67 Coupe has a shroud that's in three pieces. But, I don't think it's original. Last night, as it turns out, I was looking in the NCRS Technical Information & Judging Guide for the '67, and it mentioned that it was supposed to be a one-piece unit, and NOT a three piece unit that was joined together with rivets (which mine is).

So, I'm looking for the "correct" answer myself. I have some emails out awaiting response, and I'll post something when I get one.

- Jeff
The correct fan shroud for your application is indeed a 3-piece unit, but it was bonded together by the supplier long before it went in the car. It installs as one piece (with patience).
fan Shroud

There is a 66-67 original fan shroud on Ebay under 67 Corvettes. You should be able to ask the seller some questions.

Hope this helps!

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