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Fiberglass side pipe covers


Little red 69

Hello everybody!!
I've been under the weather with some flu type stuff the last few days and it's given me some time to think of questions to ask.
Has any body seen these fiberglass side pipe covers on a car yet? My Vette had side pipes originally and I want them back on, but I cant swing about $2000.00 for originals just yet.
See ya!
I was visiting a local Corvette parts store here in CA and I saw a very nice 69 roll in w/the side pipe covers. It looked real good. When I walked over to the car I tapped on them and sure enough there were the aftermarket repro's. Even up close I thought they were the real ones.

Cool! Did you notice how they sounded? I'm pretty stoked about getting them and getting them on! I'm going to put in some new carpet first, but as soon as I do, it's sidepipe time.Thanks Dave
Keep on waving!!
I forgot to ask does anybody think it would be a good idea to wrap the pipes in some header tape or some type of insulation of some sort to keep the heat down near the painted covers? I plan on ordering my carpet this week and getting it started ASAP, and in a few weeks getting my sidepipe kit from Corvette Central.
See ya!
Donnie, As far as I know, the mufflers( under the aftermarket covers) are just like the originals. They should soud great. I have a 69 in the shop with new side pipes, I love starting that car just to hear them...............Steve
Hello Donnie,
I hope your feeling better. I purchased my 75 with the sidepipes already installed by previous owner. They are of course after market, they have the fibergass covers that were originally chrome and he painted them flat black. I guess he didn't want them to stand out, however they are loud and when i fire her up in the mornings to go to work the neighbors know it's time for them to get up, I leave for work at 5:45 am. every mon-sat. If I am late I the neighbors know and usually mention it to me when i get home. I try not to attract too much attention to them in the morning so I don't get on it, like I said they are quite loud. But I do get noticed alot more then if I didn't have them, they really sound great.
Side Pipe Covers

My neighbor and I both imnstalled factory side pipes on our cars (72 & 75) with fiberglass covers, worked great. WE both installed the Hedman Heders designed for this instillation.
Were the fiberglass covers you used the ones that look like the type used on '69s? and where did you get the headers?
Fiberglass Side Pipe Covers


Both pair of covers were the Fiberglass repos. of the originals. The Headers for the side pipes were special ordered from Jegs or Summit, I forget which.Ours were small block cars, if you need the part # let me know.
I hate to ask so many questions, but did you paint them (the covers) silver? And yes I would like to know the part number of the headers, Thanks a bunch!!!!
Hedders and side pipe covers


The Hedman Hedder # was 68280 with 1 5/8 primary pipes. The side pipes line up and you cut and weld to the collector, suppose you could clamp.
Their is an emission version that connects the emission tubes it's #68281. I would verify the part #'s since I ordered these in 91.

Did paint mine body color, didn't burn off.

Thank you for all the info! I think I will be ordering my pipes soon:) I can't wait to hear'em!
Thanks again!

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