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Black Thunder

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Oct 14, 2001
Port St Lucie,FL
1968 Black Custom Vert 454 BB
Curious to know if anyone has had, or knows of someone that has had any problems with their Accel Super Coil set-up. Have heard the module can get weak, inside the distributor.
Any feedback would be appreciated!
No, I don't, but I do have a neat trick for you to get a quick idea what might be going on.

Wait until dark, then put the car in your garage. Make sure you have a quick access door to get in the house and or raise the main door. Raise the hood, turn all the lights off in the garage then fire it up.

If the coil is leaking out or you have bad wires you will be able to see the purple glow.

Okay, this next part is obvious.......shut the car down and get the door open so you can get some fresh air.

If you do this trick and see no glow, then you at least don't have any external bleeding off of the power.

I've been running one on my 81 for about 3 years now without any trouble, car fires up right away and no problems driving. I'm running an Accel Blueprint Series Distributor as well.
Chris we already did this. No arcing anywhere.

Mainly just wondered if the modules were prone to losing it & power fell off accordinly. My buddy let me have one to try this weekend.

Need the advance curve checked I guess, if I can find a place!
Hey John,

My door is always open. I would love to see that wild machine if you make it up Jacksonville way.
I run the Accel Super coil also, it's been on there for about 2 years now and no problems!

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