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For sale, 78-early79 power antennas


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Feb 17, 2004
Beecher, Ill.
78 Pace,black 79 and white 79, all L82s
I have 3 power antennas available.
Top one is a mint used AM/FM unit. Fully checked out with a new nylon cable.
Mast sections and entire unit look like new.
Middle unit is NOS AM/FM. Started life as a Cadillac unit. Changed the harness to correct Corvette wire colors and added my fabricated upper bracket in place of the Caddy bracket. Also replaced the nylon cable to be on the safe side. No plug, but most often when replacing these style antennas you need to splice the wires anyway as the factory harness goes all the way to the relay under the center arm rest.
Bottom unit is a NOS AM/FM/CB unit. New nylon cable installed to be sure of years of service and my fabricated upper bracket.
All prices include shipping in cont. US.

Factory bracket on top unit and my fabbed bracket on other two.


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Aug 20, 2014
Perry, GA
78 Silver Anniv, 91 Targa, 01 Convert
C3 78 SA Antenna

Is the Antenna on the bottom still available? If so I'd like to buy it Let me know how to send you the money and I'll give you a shipping address. I'm in Perry, GA


Brian :upthumbs :happyanim:


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