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Found some tires!


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Aug 1, 2001
2003 Z06

I found some tires for my 88'. I found a set of Good Year (I think they were GS-C's) 275/40ZR17's at TireRack for $198 a piece. They're in South Bend, Indiana which is about a 2 hour drive east from me, but UPS is only $30. I even went down to the local Good Year dealer and got a quote. Get this, they wanted $279.95 per tire installed. They said that there would be an extra charge to put those tires one. I'm going to buy them in the spring from Tire Rack, but the problem is getting them on.

Someone told me that 17's are pretty difficult to install. I figured that even if I managed to put them on at home, I'd still need an alignment, etc... I asked my father if he knew anyone who could do them and he said yes, but the guy works at Fire Stone!
bullwinkle...cease and desist!!! Before sinking the bucks, go look at the phantom or kumho tires...they're rated higher, and cost less than GY's. Check out epinions.com....you can save around $200 just on the tire purchase. Tire rack carries the kumhos, cost $113/tire.
A corvette shop around here really likes Falcon. I actually have a set on right now. I like the GS-C's, but at close to $200 each, you can get as good or better tires for a lot less.
What about some Yokohama's?

Any feedback on those? I'm pretty much open to anything but Fire Stone!
I can only tell you what I went with after a months research. Dunlop 5000. The 8000 that vetsvette mentioned was also on the top of my list. Great price with super wet and dry traction. IMHO, I don't feel the GY is worth the money.
Try these guys

Hey guys I am going to need some tires for my '85 so I was looking to find some. I found this place to be cheaper then any of the other places I looked. Maybe they will be for you and maybe not. Shipping was about 15 bucks a tire I think.http://www.victoriatire.com/
Good Luck
How timely

I spent most of the day online or on the phone tire hunting. This is not an easy chore. I may have a '92 but the wheels are '95. I took a hard look at the Yokohama's but all the feedback screamed they were way too noisy regardless of all the handling capabilities (treadwear wasn't too great either). Talked to a Nitto rep after I couldn'd find a Toyo 285/40/17 locally. Local shop told me Nitto was the same tire as a Toyo but manufactured under a different name. Not true. Toyo is a much better product. Couldn't find any history on the Nitto and the Nitto rep wouldn't commit to saying the Nitto tire was not noisy like the Yoko - said all tires are noisy and all Corvettes are noisy. So it's safe to say I won't be buying Nittos. But he did speak highly of the Falkens - the #1 selling tire in Japan (if that makes you feel good). They just don't make the 285/40's. The GY GSC's are discontinued but still available though stock is low. This could be the kiss of death if you get a blow out in the next year or so - what are you going to replace it with? (I have no use for run flats). They have been replaced with the Eagle HP's (available at a reasonable price) and they have about the same rating as the GSC's.

No one had anything good to say about the Firestone Firehawk except for Tire Rack. Either they had a sales incentive program going or they were overstocked, but the rep wasn't going to let me off the phone until I bought a set. Which I didn't.

Shipping runs about $50 for a set of four to FL and quality mounting/balancing around $15 a wheel here. Ya gotta weigh the differences. Two of our local tire stores equalled the price of the online companies with their out-the-door prices when all was taken into consideration and, this is a whole lot easier.

...And after all this, I am really no further ahead than I was when I started this morning.
That's some funny stuff

I run the Goodyears and have a little wet weather slipage....

Tire sales people YEECH!

JJ make sure that who ever dismounts your tires that they do not TRASH you LPTWS sensors in the wheels ( if you have this ) the replacements are about 75 to 125 a rim depending where you buy em, and of course how bad you need em.

Have them put down it writing that they will replace yours for NO CHARGE if they dammage em.

Yes I have the sensors and thanks for reminding me.

I was just posting back to correct myself. I believe Falken is a Korean product and not Jap-o-nese.

Now I can sleep.

Hello, I would just like to say that when I purchased my 92 LT1 (second hand) my vette came with Kuhmos. IMHO, They stink!! Noisey, not all that reassuring in the twistys and not all that great on the wet. I'm presently searching for a replacment. The Dunlop 5000 look pretty good,so far. :) __John :w
jjones said:
I believe Falken is a Korean product and not Jap-o-nese.

Doing a lot of driveing in Korea? I thought you were in Japan!:D
285s? Do they rub at all? OH---I read that heater crack in the other thread...I hope yours doesn't go out some chilly night in that flat and cultureless state that you find yourself in. I know how you floridians are...gotta wear a parka when the temp hits 60.;)

At this time I'm running GSC's. I've been happy with the performance but wish they didn't wear out so fast. I'll probably go with Dunlop SP8000's when these are gone. Can't run the Eagle HP's because they don't make them in 315. Since Goodyear bought Dunlop I guess I'll be going with them. Gotta love that employee discount. :D
Choosing the right tires is such a tricky thing. You really have to just rely on others feedback. It's not like an oil filter where it's cheap and easy to replace. So far, what I've gotten is that the GY's are not worth the money. At least not the GSC's.

Of course, I can't really rely on a sales person because they make money off of it. One time I went to look for tires for my Camry and the lady at Sears gave me this attitude. She asked me if I wanted a alignment and balance with the tires!
A little nip in the air

The only rub I get is from you, Drew! ;)

I got your culture right here. Parkas are for Alaska. A windbreaker is appropriate here when a tank top just won't do.

Now exsqueeze me but I have some Dunlops to research and who knows, may even have tires by this afternoon.
With all those New Yorkers (myself incl) and the other northerners who can't take it up there anymore I'm thinking of going back to get away from all this culture. And as for flat, what better way for WOT:L
Bail out

C4ever - it's where you live. Turn those wagons East, young man. I forget all about anger management when I get west of I-95. Can't stand them there obnoxious folks and their rotten driving habits!

And where did you find Dunlops? The two stores who advertise themselves as Dunlop dealers have to call me back with prices as they don't stock them. Wadsupwidat?
Falken...should be a four letter word

I had a set of Falken ZIEX on my Supra. I won't ever go back to them. I'm pretty sure they are Japan tires, but its been so long now I don't remember.
Anyways, they were supposed to have great wet weather traction, dry weather traction, 60,000 mile tread life, blah blah blah...
What a load of crap. The only time I had good traction was in the snow! They were supposed to be summer tires! I couldn't keep the rear end of my '85 Supra planted (custom Japan spec 6MGE engine installed, 209HP) if there was a puddle within 1/4 mile of the car! Pushing the car around corners was a bad thing too. The rear end almost always came loose. 60,000 mile tread life due to WAY too hard of a compound. STAY AWAY from them if you plan on doing any spirited driving...ever.
IMHO the GSCs are much better. The Good Year HPs aren't too shabby either, and less expensive than the GSCs. Yokohama is a good brand but i have no first hand knowledge. Sumitomo is also a great tire. A friend of mine had those on his Supra and loved them.
I hear ya JJ. I go to Discount Tire in Pompano. Tell Stan, Carlo(the guy who had Two vettes done this year) recommended you. That's if he even remembers me:eek
In any case tell him to meet the price your getting on line plus mount and balance. The independents order from the local warehouse, that's why they keep telling you they have to order them. He can get em in a day and I've been satisfied each time with his work.
Good Luck:w Save The Wave

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