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From Factory to Dealer - how long a time??



I'm awaiting delivery of my new Vette - not very patiently. The dealer said it was built two weeks or so ago - and should be in any day.

Got me wondering - how do these cars make the trek from Kentucky to (in my case) California. Train, truck, ??

Is there any way to find out for sure (other than from the dealer) where the vehicle is in its journey. Would hate to find out it's still sitting in a parking lot in Bowling Green waiting for a train.

Any input would be appreciated and will help me kill the time.


well - i think that's for the whole BUILD and ship - I'm trying to figure out once it's built how long does the ship take and what kind of transport (truck, train) is used.

Steve, why did you order one, when here locally the dealers have so many to chose from. They didn't have the option package you wanted or what, I am just curious. Regardless, it's worth the wait and it won't matter cause even when it gets here, you'll have a hard time sleeping...................cause the seats don't fully recline:)
Actually the convertibles are few and far between (there's only red one in stock in the entire state)

Lots of blacks and silvers on lots.

Anyway - I didn't "order" one - I've just put a deposit on one that was ordered previously by a dealer and due in shortly - but nobody seems to know exactly where it is or when it will arrive - and that got me wondering - you can track a $5 ups package but you can't track a $50K car??!!
Steve....I tracked my 2001 Speedway White that came by truck.
and they said it was leaving that day for Quincy. It took a day or two to get it after that. There is also a way to track it by rail, but not sure how to do it. I will see if I can find the telephone # I called to check on it by truck.

that would be great - i hope you find the number - then i can find my ride!!

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