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front bumper



i recently bought a fiberglass bumper and have plans to install it myself. i was hoping someone may have a few tips or instructions that would help me in this process. Thanks, Travis
Hi Travis,
I put on a tru flex fiberglass front bumper on my 73 a few months back. I ordered the hardware mounting kit with it which made life alot easier.My bumper had little dimples in it that was basicly the location for drilling the mounting bolts.Pretty straight forward job. I think I rember talking off the headlight trims to get at some of the bolts. Good luck! I was pretty happy with the way mine turned out.
thanks Jim
I bought the mounting kit also but was not sure whether
I had to drill holes to use it. I had heard something about removing part of the headlights but was not sure what part. Again thanks for the help. Travis

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