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Confused, what else is new? I have the instrument cluster in and the radio in. I am trying to put the front console in and when I attempt to slide up to cluster I am having a problem.

On the old console the white plastic peice in front that has the two holes was broke. On the reinforcement brace I have the two studs exstending down with the nuts that screw on holding the radio etc.Next two them are two things that look like rivets which is where the holes on the white piece of the console would fit. Do those come out of there so I can put them back in through the console?

I am confused as to what they are? Don't know if the rivets go down through holes on console?

If so would I have to pull the radio to get the rivets through white piece on console? Sorry if this does not make sense but not sure how else to explain.

Any hele appreciated.



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