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FS 1986 Coupe A4 Dark Red Metallic/Graphite


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Oct 26, 2005
Sonora, CA
FS 1986 Coupe A4 Dark Red Metallic/Graphite

$10.5K 130K Miles. 24K since the rebuild. Very Good to Excellent Condition.
Always a Northern California car. Currently located near Modesto.

Basically, I rebuilt this car (except engine and diff) from the ground up with the best parts and hand polished all the suspension compnents. From a purest point of view, its not stock. But those points can be easily reversed since I kept most of the parts. Repainted once with original color. Check out my website for pics and info.

Lowered front and rear, Koni Reds, full ES kit (red) new rear wheel bearings L&R (Timken), new U-joints, rebalanced driveshafts, C-Beam Plates, new rear tie rod assembly, SS braided brakelines, new master cylinder with brake bias spring, new ball joints upper and lower, new front tie rod ends inner and outer, new front rotors and brakes, new OEM radiator, all water hoses replaced with new, new water pump, new alternator, new serpentine belt, overdrive pulleys, new Bosch 22Lb injectors, 8mm MSD wires & red dist cap, smoothie intake tube, fresh valve seals, overhauled 700R4 trans with 2nd & 4th gear upgrades, Magnaflo Cat with Borla mufflers and new exhaust pipes, PCMforLess tune, polished factory Z51 turbine wheels, Kuhmo 712's 3.07 gear. The engine is original and will run 14.0's all day long at 99 mph. The interior is stock Graphite leather in very good condition, Sport Seats 6-way L&R, new rear carpet, new hatch gasket, new hatch struts, power antenna bypass, factory Bose FM/CD player, two tops, repainted (once) in the original DRM color (no overspray evident). Theres probably a bunch of things I've missed & not listed.

Best to contact me by email and bump this thread.

Selling only to finance my next Vette. Otherwise I'd keep it for sure.

Sorry to see you are letting it go. BTW how's that hood prop holding up? ;)

The hood prop mod has always attracted alot of attention amonst the early C4 owners. Im sure others have followed this lead.

Time for Rose to move on to another owner. She runs better than the specs for 86A4. 1/4 mile times are 14 flat at 98.8. Which is great for stock tires and a stock L98.

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