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Fuel Injection Book



Just wondering if anyone has heard of this book. I was at Barns and Noble today and came accross it on the transportation rack. The title is "Corvette Fuel Injection & Election Management L83, L98, LT1, LT4, LS1, LS6, ZR-1." by Charles D. Probst. I bought it and it looks like it has a lot of good information in it. ttyl

I have the book sitting here in front of me. I highly recommend it. It's clear, incredible well detailed and filled with great pictures and diagrams.
Hey, sounds kool dude! I might go over there and enrich my mind one day, since finals are over. HE HE :beer TTYL...........:)

How much info is there on the LT-5 and how much $$ did the book run ya?

Hey JT, I think there is a fair amount of info about the same as the other engines. It cost $35.00. Hope this helps.. take it easy.


It's all about the same for all the engines. The sections aren't separated by engine, but rather by "area".

Overview, Engine Control Fudnametnals, Emissions and fuels, Sensors - the Nerves, Control Moduel - the Brain, Actuators - the Muscles......etc. I bought the book from Amazon.com which I found to be the cheapest.
;) You can never have too much information. Well, maybe sometimes there is such a thing as too much; like the other day, I was on the toilet and... :L

_ken ;)
Fuel injectors-
I have a 1988 coupe. It has a 350 HO 355HP Chev in it. Where do I start as far as injectors go? Who, What and where? Thanks guys,

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