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Future Corvette??



According to the February issue of Ward's AutoWorld (a sort of Big 3 and supplier trade magazine)Headline: GM May Borrow Ford's Car Group Idea" Text: "General Motors may develop a luxury car group like FoMoCo's Premier Automotive Group. GM's still secret plan is to group Cadillac Saab, Corvette, Alfa Romeo and GM's Holden Special vehicles into one engineering, marketing and sales group. GM knows its present portfolio of luxury models can't match Ford's but it sees enormous possibilities. Corvette, meanwhile, will be quietly spun off from Chevrolet to become a brand in its own right. Insiders say that GM has plans to develop Corvette over the next decade into a range of sports cars to take on Jaguar and Aston Martin. That includes a replacement for the current two-seater Corvette with additional variants, including the distinct possibility of a sports wagon." I think I'm gonna be sick...
I'm gonna be sick to....if this happens

uuuughhhh...a sports wagon??? I think I'm gonna be sick too......By the way, does Ward's AutoWorld have a website? I can't find it on newstands here where I'm at.


Speaking of sport wagons, there is one of those old conversions just down the road from where I work. I think it is a '73 Corvette. Can't see the front from the road.

I've been digging on http://www.wardsauto.com trying to find some info about the moves GM is planning, but no luck. Does any one happen to have a url that will take me to the page with the info on it?

Personaly, I think that the Corvette being spun off into it's own marque will be a very good thing. With Corvette being an entire division of GM, hopefuly they will have enough clout to design and produce a mid-engine 'Vette. Especialy if they are planning on marketing the 'Vette against Jaguar and Aston Martin.

As for the sports wagon concept, I think it's feasible, but the second I hear about a Corvette SUV or Mini-Van... That would be enough to make even the most diehard 'Vette fan cry.

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