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Gas gauge - HELP

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
I'm getting frustrated because my gas gauge is not working. All the dash gauges do work, pulled out fuses and reinserted them is case of corision during the winter storage but this did nothing.

I filled the tank because it was reading close to full and the needle didn't move. With todays gas prices its expensive to keep it filled but thats the only way I can feel comfortable taking it for a cruise.

Any Hints would be appreciated.

Could be a bad ground at the tank or a bad sending unit, varnish builds up on the coil inside the tank. It would need to be replaced. Bill
I believe if you remove and jump to Ground the tank sending unit wire, the gauge should go to Full. Remove the jump to Ground (no connection), the gauge should drop to Empty. :)

Just the opposite - if you ground the sender wire, the gauge should show empty (no resistance); if you just disconnect it, the gauge should show full (high resistance) - that will check out the gauge function and wiring from the sending unit to the gauge. With a VOM connected from the sending unit terminal to ground, it should show 0-2 ohms with the float all the way down (empty), and 88-90 ohms with the float all the way up (full). If the float isn't moving, your tank bladder may be collapsing. Make sure you have a good clean ground connection from the sending unit - no ground, no work.
Oops-you are right, John Z. :beer
I'm at work and don't have my "Tech Tips" file handy. This file contains copies of Tech articles from various magazines like Car Craft, Hot Rod, Super Chevy, etc. Real handy when you are looking for that certain article and you don't have to go through a stack of mags for that 1 page bit on identifying stamp codes on Rally wheels, or whatever...:)

A suggestion for all of you...;)


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