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General questions from a prospective C3 owner

Nope,It could be an engine from any car, it just was built in 69 and has a date code that is close to the Corvette you are looking at.However it could be a factory warranty replacement or a over -the -counter motor.You will have to check the numbers on the front of the block to be sure.
I was thinking that myself. Which makes me wonder. How many chevy cars and trucks had a 427 in 1969?
The corvette and what else?

Random trucks and station wagons
camaro (rare?)
chevelle (rare?)

Anyone else have a guess? or want to add?
In addition to Corvette, lots of Impala/Caprice were built with 427's, Camaro had them too (factory COPO's), and trucks; also many marine, industrial, and agricultural/stationary applications. :)
Hey I saw you were from Indiana, I live around Lafayette. I purchased a very nice 68 a month ago here in Indiana.
Hey I noticed you were from Indiana. I'm from the Lafayette area. I recently purchased avery nice 68.
Did you get your car from a dealer or a private owner?
What price ranges did you see while shopping? So I can have a general feeling about what may be to much or too low. To low meaning I should look for something wrong with the car.
sixty nine

For 1969 corvettes there were 15443 made with 427 motors, 10531 390hp,2072 400hp,116 430hp,2722 435hp, and 2 all alloy L88, also it was the first year for 350 engine and there was 16633 convertibles built. The other notable thing is in 1968 there was nearly twice as many convertibles built as coupes,18630 convertibles 9936 coupes. My personal choice is rust free original 1967, if you can afford it then 1970 to 72. incidently 1970 is the lowest production year, in that area, 17316 built.
I bought it from an individual up by Valparaiso. What attracted me to it was it was #'s matching, 69,000 miles, and the biggest thing was no rust damage to any of the critical or expensive areas. For me being a tool maker and running my own machine shop mechcanical issues are a piece of cake. I also am partial to the 327. It runs and drives good. I paid $9500 for it which I thought was good. I stayed away from dealers for the exact reasons you had mentioned.

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