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Glass in antennae hole or not?


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Nov 21, 2003
New Jersey
71 Kandy Burple Conv / 02 MY Z06
As you know from my other post about stripes the 1971 Convertible is at the paint shop. Now is the time for body mods.

I hate the solid antennae on the car. :puke I know I can put an electric antennae on instead but I was thinking of just glassing in the hole and putting some kind of remote antennae on instead.

Has anyone done this? If so what did you use for reception?




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Apr 1, 2005
the deep south
1978 pace car, 04 CE convert
since the antenna (just like pretty much like everything) requires a seperate grounding strap because of the glass body, you could place it pretty much anywhere you want. placement however would also depend to a great deal with the radio you are trying to use with it. most modern printed circuit stereos will work pretty well in FM mode with a minimal antenna. if you are planning on using the original radio or like AM, you will need an antenna placed in pretty much a regular position so that the mast can extend upward. hiding it under the car or inside a body panel will probably frustrate you eventually. if on the other hand the radio and it's output doesn't matter and is more cosmetic than anything else, screw the antenna all together. it will be a lot easier, lol.

just my opinion however


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