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Got Da Boom Boom Going On


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Jul 3, 2001
Auburndale, Florida
1969 Killer Shark
Okay, half of you will hate this, the other half will have some remote interest, and one or two of you will love it.

I am dropping in a performace sound system. Granted with the rag top and big block singing out the sidepipes there won't be much to work with on the audiofile front.

Here is what I have done so far, feedback appreciated. First of all, I am running a single disc 50x50 Xplod Sony head unit with four small Infinity speakers for high and mid off the 50x50 power. I am then kicking up to a 500 Rockford Fosgate amp through the RCA jacks into a single MTX 6000 10" sub bridged for peak power.

The amp has a built in active cross over. When I had the body in so many parts, I sprayed the truck bedliner material in extra thick around the rear compartments. Still putting the battery behind the driver, and mounting the sub and amp in the right rear compartment. I wanted a 12", but 10" is really the max without cutting on the car.

Since I am installing the wire harness nose to tail from scratch, I am also integrating this harness as if almost factory with each wire soldered and heat wrapped or tied in with seamless connections.

Maybe by the end of Turkey day I can hook up some juice and go Boom Boom. I have to build a lid from wood and a few small things to get the sub to drop in like a factory part. It is all part of the game.
Jeez Chris, where you gonna put the extra battery to power that set up? :D "Sounds" great. A serious sound system upgrade is in next years plans for me. I even bought a new bezel at Carlisle this year so I don't booger up the original with a wrong cut. Send some sound bites when she's cooking. (I know you can do it). How's the gullet? Enjoy the Holiday. I'm already scheming to get out of work early today.

Regards.......... Nut :grinsanta
Huh??? :D My son would understand everything you are saying. He installed his stereo system and most of his friends systems. Happy Da Boom Booming to you, Chris. Just don't get arrested for disturbing the peace. :)

Boom Boom Boom

Hey Chris, that sounds great. Like Nut, I'm looking forward to hearing some sound bites.

By the way, is the active cross over amp vacuum assisted? :D

Happy Festivus!! :argue


My sound was already installed when I got the car, this is all I know about it. Pioneer, AM,FM,Tape in the dash, attached to the the regular speakers. It also links to a JVC 12 disk changerw/remote, in the compartment behind passengerseat(fits nice there). Then the whole setup links to another two speaker amp, woof tweet boom, whatever, that spans the width of the car behind all three compartments Its a wood box.
I can be doing 70 with the top down , volumn on half, and my neighboring traffic can hear Led Zepplin whole lotta love, damn near as well as me:gap
Ill post pics of how it all fits if youd like.
You should've seen the pathetic state that was my stereo. The stock unit had been removed a long time ago(probably by that pirate). It had this late '70s cassette player still hooked up to the stock speakers. If I went out about 4am with total silence and a stethoscope, I could actually hear something. When I started taking things out of the interior, I removed the ancient speakers. I barely breathed on them hard and they crumbled. :L I'm thinking of going to a Custom Autosound stereo or using the newer kind where only a LED face is exposed and the rest is hidden in the center storage box. -Bullitt
WOW Chris! That's going to be one heck of a system you've got. She's gonna sound as good as she looks when your done!:D

69MyWay said:
Granted with the rag top and big block singing out the sidepipes...

You gotta have something to listen to when you come to a stop don't you Chris? ;)

_ken :w
Here is the rough install pics. I will be using the air travel from the speaker to cool the amp, there will be another wall in the chamber to close it off with a passive vent tube to let the air travel and cool the amp.

I have powered the system up and it is strong. If I stand on the rear trim panel I can crank up the volume and base. Every tool and loose part on the car starts shaking. Watch it get stress cracks in the fiberglass and in my flare job from the sound waves.

I also installed a sweet power antenna. It works off the signal from the stereo and even goes down while the CD is playing. The stereo has some nice features I was not aware of on the display panel. I now have to cut up the beautiful brand new center gauge panel to mount the head unit. I have to mount it slightly off center anyway to clear the Vintage Air defrost and heater duct side.


Hey Tom C.,

I would love to see pics of yours. I am looking for a way to mount the 6" mid range speakers in the back right now.


I have been looking at replacing my Kenwood cd with pioneer speakers and I think a power acoustic amp that I presently have with something newer.
I think I have it narrowed down to an Alpine receiver and Alpine speakers. I don't think I'll use the amp unless I decide on a small subwoofer. I might do that as I have the amp and a subwoofer speaker isn't a big investment. I will go with the 4x6s in the dash and 6x9s in the rear. I was also thinking of a Bazooka tube in the back along the back wall of the rear compartment.
I had a subwoofer box in the back with some mids and tweeters but you couldn't put the T-tops back there then, so its on the garage floor now.
I'm not much on the boom boom noise but would like some super clean sounds.
Resto, when I initially upgraded to Pioneer, I didn't run an extra amp, and the sound was quite decent. I later added an amp and the difference was amazing.

I guess my point is; if you are going to be re-wiring at all, wire for the amp while you're at it. You'll thank yourself later. ;)

_ken :w
I hope you don't crack all of that great bodywork you did. While I'm not into big boom booms I do like a decent system. But on the other hand if I were to show you the sound system I have for the '59 it would be a picture of my rare radio block-off plate with the Chevrolet script on it. Good luck with the installation.

"The older I get the more I value what hearing I have left."
What?, What was that? Put my what in the what?

There is nothing like making your ears numb.

Actually, this system is not the worlds best by any means. As you guys know, with the rag top there is just no where to add extra sound without loosing what is left of the rear inner storage. I can't wait to see how Tom Conners system looks.

I don't know what the word is to describe the difference an amp and sub makes, but it is more than just bass. Some how, it fills the air with a thicker richer texture to the sound and makes music, and even talk radio just expode with life and action. I have a little sub and amp in my daily driver that blows the Bose Gold series in Nikki's vette away. Best of all, 59 Tom is right, it was not very expensive at all.
Chris.....Take it from me it will be a long time before you care about your sound system. You will be so intigued by the sound & feel of your BB, it will be months before you care about tunes.

My son is after me to drop in a hot sounding system, but even after a couple of months of havin this beast, all I want to hear is those pipes. They still haven't made a tune to compare with the sound of 468 Cu inches under the hood!

I will watch with interest what you come up with but I bet you will care less about music for quite awhile....He He He!

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family!
Was gone to family for thanksgiving.
Here are those pics Chris.
Scuse the quality, My compression program isnt real swift.
This is the disk changer sitting in the left compartment...

Thanks for the pics. I guess that all fits just fine with the rag top back there. That must make some pretty nice tuned sound.

I may have to build something like that for the 6" speakers across the back, about 1/2 that size in all directions except length.

Hey Tom, I've got my changer mounted in the same area, although a little more forward and at a slight angle so that it is in effect, upside down.

It plays in that position as long as you are on a smooth road, but any kind of bumps and it skips like crazy. Have you encountered anything like that?

I couldn't turn it the other way because of interferrence with the door of the changer and the sides of the compartment. :eyerole

_ken :w
Black Thunder said:
Chris.....Take it from me it will be a long time before you care about your sound system. You will be so intigued by the sound & feel of your BB, it will be months before you care about tunes.



The way things are going getting my pistons and fuel injection unit, it may be about the only sound I hear coming from the car. Supposedly the fuel injection was on national back order and just now got shipped from Edelbrock to Summit. Summit claims it is all hand truck work and takes TWO weeks to inventory it, then stick some Summit stickers on the box and send it to me. There is no ETA on the Speed Pro/TRW pistons. So, I keep plugging away at all the electronics and systems until then.

At this rate, I will have the whole car finished, interior, roll bar, seats, etc, before I can build the engine.

But.................................I can't wait to hear it roar.
Yeah Ken,
Mine skips too, when the roads real rough. I always hold my breath waiting to see if it broke or will come on again:eek

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