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Headlight Vacuum on 1980



Hello All,

I would greatly appreciate your vast knowledge and help with my minor issue. I have read on previous posts that you should be able to raise/lower the headlights 3-4 times AFTER the engine has been shut off. Is this true? I can get them to go UP once after shutting down the engine but NOT back down. While engine is running they raise/lower fairly crisply. I have replaced the filter and check valve from the manifold source and nothing changed. The lights do not "pop open" at all (i.e. result of leaking actuator seals). The vacuum lines 'appear' to be in decent shape. I am thinking that the vacuum canister or one of the hoses connected to it are leaking thus not holding any reserve vacuum to open/shut the lights when the engine is off. Am I on the right track?? I will await your expert analysis!!!!

I can get mine to go up and down only once... i have replaced the vaccum lines and vacumm everything.
I get one shot and my system is working fine. I have never heard of 3-4 times:confused
One shot here too. If you compare the size of the vacuum reserve tank(coffee can) that GM installed, it is approximately the same physical size as the headlight actuators. Strictly speaking from an engineering standpoint, it would not be possible to get 3 actuations from that small of a reserve tank.
Thanks guys for the input. My system must be operating properly. I don't know where I read 3-4 times. I appreciate your help.

On a simular note.. should the head lights popo up togher or one at a time??

My drivers side goes right up and about 2 seconds later the passenger side will pop up. They go down one at a time too. Not to bg a deal just wondering if it is correct?

Mine too.. 1st the left..quickly, then the right ..slowly Should I be concerned also?
Yeah, I got the same problem in my 82 but its a problem alright, they should pop up quick and together, but the years......... I'm lokking for an electric operated system for mine and forget the pain in the a**.
Mine were doing that and i found leaks in the vacuum canister, changed the canister and it fixed the problem,,, good luck.
My lights open pretty quickly at the same time. Guess I'm alright!!

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