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Heads for the Crossfire



Having some trouble locating iron or aluminum heads compatible with the Crossfire manifold. Trying to keep the cost of upgrades in a controllable range without replacing the entire intake/heads setup. Have a line on an 85 TPI, but is that what it is going to take to put aftermarket heads on my Vette?

And does anyone else get a tapping noise from the injectors firing fuel into the bores?
The Trick Flow 23 degree heads for SBC from Jegs or summit etc, will fit. Also if you have teh money AFR 190's are awesome heads, but you will also pay much more for them. Alot of ppl have used the TF heads with good results. Also if you port and polish your intake, that will give you a considerable boost in HP. If you have not been here yet check out the crossifre forum, very knowledgable on crossfires. http://www.crossfire.homeip.net:81/cftest/ Some guys are going to 406's and one made a home made supercharger set up for his 84. There are guys with over 350 hp there. Hope to see you there soon! and good luck with your decision.


which xram did you go with? Was it difficult to install?
Thanks Beau...

I'll look up the heads this w/e. What has me most interested is the X-ram that you and several others are using. That would solve the problem of the TPI swap and the cost involved with it. I intend to get this baby breathing and handling again.

poco por poco, mi amigo.

hey no problem that is how I learned about the crossfire :) It can be made to perform! Unfortunately I have not been able to install my x-ram headers or cat yet, just because i am a engineering student at OSU and I pretty much spend all my time studying. But others on the crossfire forum have used the X-Ram, and it is fairly a striaght forward install, you should expect to see around 35rwhp increase with it, this has been dynoed proven. If you do not want to spend the 389 dollars for the X-Ram and you have time, porting and polishing your intake gives you around the same increase, however if you are looking for more than 400 hp, the general concensis (sp?) is that you need to go to the X-Ram.

As for the TPI swap, if you are swapping to just a stock TPI it is not worth it, a ported/polished intake or X will put you right up there with a stock TPI. There are some guys with heads, ported/polished intake, running 13.66. we also have a 12.7 on N2O. Hope this helps take care

Not a big fan of Nitrous...

Quarter mile is not my thing. I love the vette for it's handling characteristics, but I think any car that says "vette" should have more that 205 hp flowing at the crank. The fact that my 87 Mustang produced more horses annoys me. I'm looking for about 300hp, while trying to retain as much of the stock appearance as possible.

So, with ported and polished iron heads, the X-ram, a better breathing cam, headers and exhaust, am I realistic, or am I going to need to do a complete overhaul and rip into the bottom end of the engine as well, which conjurs up all kind of pocket-book emptying thoughts....

Incidentally, I have noticed that I get better looks from the ladies in the vette...real ego boost for this old fella.
Realistically, I think you would be very close to your goal. The internals of the 84 actually are not all that bad, except for the 2 bolt mains. But the pistons are TRW forged pistons. The only thing I would do is go with an aluminum heads rather than iron. Also go with the 64 cc cambers, I think the 84 stock heads are like 74cc ? do not quote me on that because I am not 100% sure. If you go with Al heads you have to increase the compression ratio because of the better cooling of aluminum over iron. Another thing you should do is change your fuel pump to an 85 or newer, (from C4) because the 84 fuel pump is known for not getting enough fuel. PPL have seen a huge seat of the pants increase with just this mod alone. check out the Comp Cam 2030 or 2040 grinds thoughs seem to work well with the crossfire.

check out the website there are alot of ppl much more knowledgable than me there that probably could help you out better than me :) But also feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or anything.

Beau :w

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