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Help!! Hood Latch Stuck on my '78



Just bought this beauty and the hood opened before she was mine. Now, the passanger side won't unlatch. I called the dealer and he said "Good Luck" I've tried several times to release the latch and it's STUCK! Without taking a sawsall to the corner, any suggestions?

Thanks, Frank
Look in the wiper tray area. You will see a rubber plug near the latch. Remove the plug and put a screwdriver through the hole and press down to trip the latch.
Like the dealer said, Good luck. Except I mean it!

Go to corvettefaq.com. I think there is a section on this. Plus its a great info site.


Check out this thread. It has a link from Mid-America with pics and step by step instructions.

Here is a previous thread about this and a possible quick OPEN :J for your hood..

Stuck Hood
I have something for you to think about. I have a 78 and the frist time I tried to open the opn(after I bought it) my passenger side hood latch would not release. You won't beleive what it was. My car comes equipped with a nice security feature that prevents the hood from being popped unless it is activated. If you have such a option, then you might find it under the dash below your steering wheel. It should be a little pushbutton switch. Push it in and hold it while at the same time pulling the hood release.
This is just a thought. I hope this will help.

Does anyone else out there have the same kinda security feature? Let me know. Thanks.

Good luck Frank. :w

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