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help - lost muffler hanger frame nut !!



While checking out a thumping under my 98 convertible, I discovered that one of the "exhaust muffler hanger frame nuts" was missing. Of course the hanger was now "hanging" even more than it was supposed to. I got a new nut from the chevy dealer, but when I tried to put it on, there was no stud. It seems that the threaded stud (bolt) is pushed up into the frame. The frame cross member is sometimes referred to as a "rear impact bar". The stud that is there and the one that is pushed up are connected inside of the impact bar, sort of like a "u" bolt, I can move it around but I can't get it to come thru the hole in the impact bar.
how can you get inside that bar? How did Chevy get the studs in there in the first place?
Anybody - Please HELP.

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