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? help me ID DR td distributor 11106985 5G9 ?


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Dec 27, 2000
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Can anyone help to identify this Delco Remy Chevy distributor. It has cast iron housing, has tach drive, uses dual points (maybe was single as OEM), uses 70's style cap and rotor and chickenband shows 11106985 5G9 or 569. Can anyone tell me what model and yearthis distributor was intended for? All input appreciated! Thanks Jack

The mortec site has tons of info...but not on distributors. My browsers could not locate the vettesite.

Thanks, Jack

I'm at work. I'll look it up when I get home. Sound like a C1 fuel injection dist. The drive would be for the FI pump.

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I know little about vettes...even less about C1 fuelies. But I am certain this distributor is equipped with rotor like one usually finds on a carburated one from early seventies. When viewed from above, The rotor is round and attached with 2 screws. Then there's always a possibility it has incorrect chickenband. Thanks, Jack


Even though I answered you by email since my computor was mad at me, I'll post here for the benifit of others. The date info is new though.

The distributor in question is a '62 Corvette 327/340hp. '62 was the 1st year for tach drive off of the dist as earlier Corvettes drove off of the generator. Also '62 ended the use of dual pionts so this is a one year usage dist.

The date code is July 9, 1965. Therefore it would be safe to say that this dist. was purchased over the parts counter sometime after July 9, 1965 as a service or replacement part.

Isn't this fun?
Thank You TOM!


Thanks for ID'ing dual point tach drive distributor DR 1110985 5G9 as service/replacemnt unit from 1965 for 1962 327/340; what a detective! And all that while trying to work and having to argue with a grumpy 'puter, too...geez! Thank you sir! Jack

Yes, I am amazing. Modest too. :L

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