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Help- Need Dana 44 Carrier Shim information


New member
Feb 21, 2018
Alvin, Texas
1994 Convertible
After removing the bearing caps from the center unit, the gears and carrier rolled out of the center section with no resistance. Upon further inspection, I noticed there were not any shims on either side of the carrier. Further inspection leads me to believe the unit had been rebuilt before; RTV on the back of the bearing caps, RTV debris in the unit; not a very well done job.

Now my question, What is the final width of the carrier supposed to be? I looked in my FSM and have not been able to find any information regarding the original width of the carrier + shims. I am not under any illusion GM created these differentials to have zero adjustment requirements. So, where are the shims? I know I will have to adjust backlash and pinion depth, I just would like a reliable starting point.

PS - I have not removed the pinion yet, I need to get a socket which will fit the pinion nut. Can't wait to see what improvements were made here.

Any help is appreciated...:thumb

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