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Help Needed Decoding Engine Numbers


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Oct 21, 2003
15 Shark Grey 3LZ Z06
I have a complete 327 that I removed from my 63 when I installed a 383 stroker. I need help determining what I have and it's value. The rear of the motor has '935' 'H-6' 870. The top says 'GM 3782870' 'F 62'. The stamp says 'FO 622 RD' and '311848'. The heads are double hump '3917231' 'J23 7'. The intake is '3794129'. I also have a 63 BW T10 wide ratio 4 speed and a 63 rear differential. I would like to sell these parts now that I have sold the car. Hopefully I could find the car this motor belongs in and reunite it with it's owner. I also have drum brake trailing arms, front drums, sway bars and a complete 63 cluster. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks, Sal


Jan 17, 2004
1981 dark blue metallic
My suggestion would be to get a hold of the NCRS.
They can point you in the right direction to someone who may know.
Good Luck!!!!

Tom Bryant

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Nov 9, 2000
Edgerton, Ohio, United States
1959 black 270hp (9/2/69) 1981 Beige L81(10/20/80)
The RD suffix was used on L75 327/300 horse engines in '62-'64 Corvettes. F is for Flint and 0622 is June 22.

The 311848 would be the vin derivative of the car it was originally installed in. Is that your car? If it is, the value of that engine is increased by a bunch if kept with the car it matches. To anyone else it's just a non matching 300 horse that could be good for a restamp if the casting dates are right for their car.

3782870 is the correct casting number for that 327. On the opposite side of the block bell housing flange there will be a casting date composed of a letter designating the month and one or two digits designating the day of the month followed by a single digit that is the last digit of the year.

The heads appear to be newer non Corvette items.

The 3794129 intake is a 1963 only 327/340 horse. It should have some good value to someone looking for one for their restoration. A search of the NCRS Driveline could possibly turn up some for sale in the past and what they were asking.

My opinion is that if that block matches your car's vin it should never be separated from the car. To have the matching block to sell with the car some day in the future could add a bunch of $$ to the selling price.



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