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Help on radiator and shroud instalation please!



Hi all
I am still piecing my car puzzle together and need some more help on my 72. I have tried to install the radiator and shroud and just cant figure out which piece should go in first I have tried both ways going in from the top and can not get them in together I can get one or the other no problem but when I do that the one that is in is always in the way of the other.
I have the water pump and the air conditioner compressor removed but still no go! Has anyone done this before it seems that the a arms are in the way if I try to install the shroud after the radiator I have tried putting it in at different angles but am affraid to force the shroud. I almost feel like im working on a new car that everone complains about no room. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
Install'g shroud

I have a '72 that I completely assembled by myself this past summer, maybe I can be of some help.
1st of all I had just installed my crate eng and left the fan off (besides there being no other accessories in the eng. bay; I apologize if this might be the difference in both our situations).
I installed an oversized rad fr Summit and, w/a little difficulty moved the top 1/2 of the shroud in next.
Installing the hardware, but leaving it loose I next added the bottom circular portion of the shroud completing the install. It was not easy and I managed to rip a small pc of it getting it in.
It was like installing the gas tank...it just doesn't seem like it was built for the car! One more bit of advice - this stuff will drive you crazy, so if it's getting to you just walk away for a few minutes.
You've got one of the most beautiful vettes ever made - someday soon you'll be livin' large crusin' down the street. good luck, Mark
Having done that job before I'm sure that you're correct about wanting help!
Install the radiator.
Poke your nose in the wheel well. Look for the bolts that hold the radiator support in. Should be 3 on each side. Remove these bolts and push the radiator and support forward. You should have room to install the shroud now. On my car that worked. I have heard from other people that they had to remove the hood to move the radiator far enough forward. When you reinstall the support do not tighten the bolts up until they are all in and have engaged the threads.
Good luck with it.
79 Toy is correct

Hood off
supports loose
shroud in
rad in
sandwich it back in alignment

tightern it back up
connect lines
( if you de pressurised your AC re-charge it now & check it..please put NEW O rings in)

Hood on


I just did this on my 75 yesterday. Second time in two months. I decided to yank the Edelbrock Performer cam that I had installed a couple of months ago for something a little more aggressive. (Dang it, I should have listened to some of the advice that I got). Anyhow, I decided this time, since the radiator has to come out in order to change cams, that I would put a new radiator in while I was at it.

As was mentioned earlier, the hood has to come off. It helps to get the condenser coil out of the way, if you have air conditioning. Remove the fan . . . it gives you some clearance and it only takes 2 minutes to remove. Remove the upper radiator brackets. Also, remove the bolts holding the bottom of the shroud. Remove the two upper bolts of the radiator support frame. These are removed from inside the wheel wells. You don't have to remove the bottom two bolts as the frame will swivel forward on these last two bolts . . . it makes getting it all back together easier. Swivel the top of the radiator support frame towards the front of the car. Lift the driver's side of the radiator first!! The lower hose connection on the bottom passenger side will interfere with the A arm and the shroud unless you take it out by lifting the driver's side first.

Installation in the reverse . . . obviously being more careful not to damage the new radiator. I hope I covered it all . . . I am going by recent memory . . . clouded by the wine that I am using to erase all memory of my weekend cam change project . . .

Oh, I might mention . . . I got it all back together and fired up . . . sounds great!!

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