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Help please with replacement speakers on an '82



I just purchased speakers from Ecklers. I went ahead and bought these upgraded 3way............ 200 Watts 3-Way, 6" X 9" Speakers For Full Sound Spectrum (Woofer, Midrange & Tweeter) Replaces Weak Stock Speakers (25-30 Watts) Without Modification To Car

Anybody want to take a guess?

Ok, I don't want to keep you in suspense. For starters, the threaded bolts attached to the original grills are not long enough to hold the speaker to the grill. If I were head out and try and find some new bolts to attach the speakers to the grill, I still am not confident that they would fit. I have purchased 2 sets from Best Buy and neither of them worked. One didn't fit the grill and with the other, the magnet was to large to fit in the space available.

Anybody have any reccomendations? I'm not sure if I should just send them back and get a pair of original equipnment and leave it at that or take a chance that long bolts would solve the problem and they would fit. I read the "without modification to car" to mean that they would fit just like OE. I'm a little ticked at Ecklers.

Thanks for your help.
Just curious...

I assume these are the rear speakers? I only ask because I want to upgrade mine too. I just received my front speakers (60 watt) from Ecklers Friday and will swap them today. I have not ordered anything for the rear yet.


Yes, they are the rear ones. Let me know how the front replacements go. I'm beginning to think that I am going to return them and go pick up a pair of cheapies at Best Buy. I would guess the wattage of the speaker will determine the size of magnet. We may get stuck with OE speakers unless we are willing to modify.
I just finished the front speakers. There was only one hitch - the connectors on the new speakers and the wire harness does not match. The new speakers came with 10" long "jumpers" but one end does not match the harness in the car. Bubba was here today - I made the ends of the jumpers fit into the harness receptacle. Still only 1 hour for me (should have been 15min.).
The tunes sound MUCH better with speakers that work!

It's been a while but,I either trimed the gasket on the front of the speakers or I used a threaded sleeve to get the grills to mount.As far as the magnet being to big it just took some time to maneuver them in to place.Pioneer speakers but not from Ecklers
I replaced the rears in the 82 with the new Sony. Fit was fine but I could not use their grill. I just mounted the stock vette grill over their speaker with no mods of any kind.
As far as the fronts, I ordered the upgraded model from Ecklers and the passenger side did not fit properly. I had to do a little creative cutting. I wasn't too happy as I bought what I thought was a direct replacement. That and the fact it blew a few weeks later.:mad I haven't replaced it yet but I'll most likely buy something from Circuit City or the like.

Which Sony's? I am sending back my Ecklers today. I think they are even going to refund sihpping charges both ways.

Anyway, I'm not sure I'm following you on the rear install. I want to use the C3 stock grills and not the Sony grills. What did you mount the speaker to in the rear compartment? And then how did you mount the C3 grill to the speaker?

I mounted the speaker to the stock bracket which attaches to the body. The 82 has a bracket(plastic,be careful) this is what the speaker bolts up to. The grill merely screws on top of this assembly. If you don't have an assembly manual you can look in the Ecklers book under restoration section. Under radio they show the bracket/ grill parts I mention.
I don't know the exact name of the Sony. I can tell you it's red and does not use a paper cone but a synthetic. Seems I remember a red x on the box. I know it's their current model. I only used these in the rear. Whether the smaller version would fit in the dash I don't know.
Good Luck.

I know what you are talking about with regards to the plastic mounting bracket. However, at least in my Vette, that bracket is for mounting the grill/cover. The speaker first is mounted to the grill/cover then the speaker/grill/cover is mounted to this bracket. The holes on the bracket for mounting align with the holes in the grill/cover. If you can manuver the braket a little to match it up to the speaker to hold it in place, what do you mount the grill/cover to?
I'll have to take a look tonight. It's been a while since I did this and I don't remember being creative with it. :eyerole ,
Speakers do attach to grill. Length of stud was not an issue.
Good Luck with it.
Custom box


I built a custom plate from wood and matched the carpetting over it to the color in the '81. This new set up takes only a tiny amount of additional room in the corners. Also I can redrill the wood if necessary to fit whatever screens I get with new speakers. 82-Guy has seen it and so have a bunch of the other CAC guys back east. I can scan in some rough sketches and email them to you. Send me a pm awith your email address and I'm send them this week.

They look great and the "box" set up adds to the sound.

............ Nut
I think the new Sony speakers are called "Xplod" -- dumb name.

Anyhow, I think Ecklers is pretty proud of their $peaker$. Another good place to buy audio stuff is www.crutchfield.com

Personally I hate going into Best Buy -- a really loud and obnoxious place...and that's just the parking lot!!!

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