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Does your browser show a bunch of little icons right above the box you type in? It should.
Its the little icon of the mountain tops with sun. Its 3 icons after the globe with the link under the smily face.
Of course your images must be hosted somewhere on the web. If you dont have a site...http://photobucket.com/ is pretty good.:w
Thanks guys!

Dan, the thread Stefan linked to is located in the Site Help and Feedback Forum and includes detailed instructions and photos for uploading images to your threads.

If you need help again, please post in that same forum (Site Help and Feedback Forum - click here) so it won't be overlooked.

:wJane Ann
Dan, a neat trick to show your attachments bigger, is to "insert" the pic again (ie. go back editing) and click on the little yellow symbol on the top of the box and then paste the URL of the attachment in there.

Currently you have:

Which points to nothing in particular..

Instead it should be pointing to this URL

and it would show us this BEAUTY:

Nice photos, Dan!!

The symbol Stefan is referring to is this one:


The photos you've uploaded each have a URL assigned to them... such as this:


If you right click on a photo and select PROPERTIES from the drop down menu, it will open a window with the URL displayed. Highlight that URL, right click and select COPY.

Then click on the symbol I posted above and PASTE the URL in the pop up window. Click on OK and your full size photo will appear in your post, like this:



I've found that photos I upload to the CAC as attachments can be included in my post simply by right click on the photo, select Copy and then right click in the message text box, select PASTE and the photo will appear.

Like this:


If you put any more shine on that thing your going to blind someone !

Looks good !


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