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I just did some work on my 85. Replaced the FIs and the distributor. Now I can not get it to start. My first mistake was to change both parts at the same time. I have now put the old distributor back on, but could have it 180 degrees out (tryed both ways). My thought now is that fuel has not made it into the injectors, since I had to purge the fuel system. The battery is now running low, so I will have to jump it for the next round of touble shooting. Also, I did check the fuel pressue with a guage and it goes up to 34psi when I turn the car over, but then quite quickly down to zero. Should the fuel pressue remain in the system for some time? Is this an indication that fuel has not made it to the injectors, or is there a leak in the system? I did check all connection, and not gas is leaking.
Thanks for any help.
OK one thing at a time

You have to get your distributor corrected first!

Pull the #1 plug.
Disconnect the distrib power ( wire on side of cap labeled BATT on CAP)

Have somebody bump the car with the key to where the TDC marker on the crank harmonic balancer line up with the pointer on the timing cover ( Just get it close for now)

Is the piston almost all the way up? Use a LONG coathanger down the plug hole to check this if the piston is down..pull the hanger out and bump the engine over again.

Once you get it close get a socket on the harmonic balancer and turn it EXACTLY so "O" is on the pointer. Or if you have a stick you can push the car into position.

Now locate the #1 plug on the distributor cap
and see if the rotor's pointing in that direction
it should be very close.

If not.....

When you pull the distrib it rotates the oil pump drive by a few degrees so you need a long LONG flatblade screwdriver to turn the OIL pump drive back into position.

That should get you back running, then follow the book to set timing.

Next post fuel pressure...It should hold OVERNIGHT at least.


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