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Sep 7, 2018
Toronto Ontario Canada
I was never especially attracted to the Corvette, except that I like how they look. Some gens more than others, but in general they all look good.
And I was thinking okay, not great mileage, no storage, not much good in winter, etc. etc. and decided that it is time to buy one!

I would like to get in for as little cash as possible. I've done some research on prices. I'm not interested in a collectable or investment car. Just a good reliable one
I can beat the crap out of when I get the urge. And oh yeah - I'm getting groceries with this car.

So I would like to ask for any tips or recommendations as I start my search. I'm thinking a C4 or C5 would give me good bang for my buck..

What would you do?

Nekko, first off Welcome to CAC. :wI don't know what you are thinking is "not great mileage". Fuel economy? But I've owned 4 corvettes over the years and for the performance I received from them they all gave "pretty good mileage". Beings you talking about C4s and C5s, I'll limit my discussion to them. If you talking about fuel economy like a Prius...no it won't get 40+ mpg.

My 94 (C4) had the LT1 5.7 rated at 300hp. When my wife and I took it on trips (2500-3500 miles), 1) we had plenty of room for my golf clubs and the luggage we required for a two week trip...we did that on several occasions. With the C4 judicious planning of the type of luggage you used is required if you are taking golf clubs. We used smaller soft sided bags rather than largehard sided cases. 2) On these trips, we would regularly see 24-27 mpg while running down the road at (or maybe a little above ;)) the speed limits. The seats (mine were the sport seats) were/are very comfortable for those long journeys. the C4 does have a high sill as you get into the car...really you step down into the C4.

The 2001 (C5) had the LS1 5.7 rated at 350hp. We took this car on several longer trips as well, one trip was 4800 miles in 13 days. Again 1) we had even more room for luggage in the 01 as compared to the 94. Could have carried 2 sets of clubs and all our luggage, but my wife doesn't play, so she just utilized the space by using different bags. The C5 has a large compartment in the back under the floor that we kept things that we didn't need all the time (or weren't sure we would use at all, but would be handy if needed). Actually we have a Cadillac CTS, and the C5 had more luggage space for clubs and luggage than it does. 2) The fuel economy on the 01 was about the same...maybe a little better than the 94. On our trip to California (the 4800 mile round trip) we averaged almost 27 mpg (26.7 IIRC). We went out on I40 and much of that portion of the trip was running 80-90 mph (just to keep up with traffic and not get our butt run over by the big trucks :L ) The return trip was by way of I80, and most of that part of the trip was run at 80-85 mph. The seats (again I had the sport seats) are very comfortable for those long trips and the interior is more spacious and entry and egress are much easier in the C5 than the C4.

So as you see, Fuel economy isn't all that bad. And personally, you don't buy a Corvette, necessarily for fuel economy. And I don't believe you'll ever catch me in a Prius.......;LOL If I were you, I'd probably be looking for a nice C5. I don't know how big you are, but the C5 has more spacious interior, easier to get in and out of and has more power (in stock format). The C4 is more cramped interior, especially in the foot wheels. It feels more like a 'sports car". Both handle great, look great and are both great "bang for the buck" sports cars.

If you have any specific questions, don't hesitate to ask. And good luck with your search and purchase of America's true sports car.
Prius with Gof Bag Rack

Thank you very much for your reply.
Of course I was just kidding about mileage and luggage room, obviously that is not a big concern, same with mileage, but it was good to hear that it is all not that bad.

I like your recommendation for a C5.

All I really want is a nice car to use as a daily driver, although I don't drive that much anymore. Something reliable and not crazy expensive to fix and fun to drive.

So if I narrow my search to a C5 would there be anything specific I should look for or be careful about? I see on near me but it has 260,000 kma (160k miles) on it. It that too much ?

That is a loaded question, Nekko. It all depends on the service history. I've got a friend who is a certified mechanic who tells me the LS engine is good for several hundred thousand miles...if maintained properly. Other things on the car wear out as well and if maintained/replaced/repaired, no problem. The old rule of thumb is; Buy the newest, lowest mile car that meets your needs, and in your price range.

Generally, I'd say 2001 and newer, just because there were some major changes made between 2000 and 2001. Those with 97 to 2000 cars might be a little in disagreement with me though.

My 2001 had right at 100k when I sold it and the guy I sold it to has put another 20k on it since then and he told me it still just as nice, runs just as good as it did when I sold it to him.
Great info.
The old rule of thumb is; Buy the newest, lowest mile car that meets your needs, and in your price range.

Good advice.
Test drive as many as you can find in your area. See how they feel and how they fit. Different options deliver different feelings with the driver.

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