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Hi to all you from new user!



Hello all,
Just like to introduce myself to this forum with my 1st post. I'm keeping the American flag flying high for you guys over here in the UK. Happy Vett'in.
Hi Paul,

I have been visiting this site for some time now, you`ll meet a great bunch of people here, try the solid axle lounge on a Sunday night then I won`t be the only one up at 4am :L

Might see you at the big vette show this summer.


Here's a warm Southern welcome coming at you from Georgia! Tell us more about you and your Vette! Are you native to the UK or a transplant...and how about your Vette?
You'll enjoy the comaraderie here at CAC! No question goes unanaswered and the people are friendly!

Silver & Hubby
Thanks Guys,
Silver & Hubby, I'm a native Englishman born and raised in London but now living further North.I've had American cars all my driving life but 5yrs ago really found my true love, the '81 Vette. It originates from Tampa, Florida but has now retired here to the UK.It has an Edelbrock rpm, 600 Holley, Headers and a true dual with no cats, finished off at the ends with Monza mufflers.I had the car re-painted back to it's original Frost Beige last year.It has a new interior and to top that lot off picked up 1st prize at our Corvette Nationals last summer.That was really cool!
And JHL,
I'll be looking out for you at the show. Hope you can make it. I wanna see this motor of yours.
Cheers for now, VettePaul.:beer

Are you going to any other shows up your way ?? You can usually find me at York Raceway as I run in the Northern Street Car Challange compitition but try and get to a few local shows as well. I will be going to the Leeds cruise one month as well to pick up a few points and I think there is one near Preston as well which shouldn`t be to far for you to go. I visit our offices in Manchester and North Wales quite often so I`m sure we could meet up some time. I send you an e-mail the next time I`m going to be down that way.

We are going to a show in Newcastle this weekend and hope to have a "C3 CORAL" there will be a 75, a 79 and a 78 silver anniversary as well as mine.


Hello Paul,

Welcome to the best site on line for the C3's.

I was happy to hear you have an 81 corvette. I also have an 81. Our orgingal color was a two tone beige over bronze. It is one of the Bowling Green built 81's .

I hope that some day you might be able to come here to the NCM. It is a toyland for us corvette owners.

Also please join us at the L81 registry. The chat lounge is great on sunday nights. So hope to meet you there.

Happy vetting.

yellow 81
aka copr/princess
Welcome VettePaul

Hello from another L81 pilot, from "New England". This is a great site with lots of friendly folks. Please feel free to join in here at the CACC and at the L81 Registry. :w
VettePaul Welcome to The Corvette Action Center Community

You're in good company here at CACC.. I think we have about 27 or 28 L81'ers here. The L81VetteRegistry has 96 members now.

The CACC is a great site for ALL Corvettes. Rob has done a fantastic job putting together an easy to use website for everyone. We have everything from Spec pages to Tech pages available here a The Corvette Action Center..

As you see we also have an international following, Welcome aboard, hope you can take some time to ENJOY THE RIDE..
Thanks for the kind words folks, I feel at home already.
I go to the Preston cruise once in a while.Next time your up this end give me a shout! As far as shows are concerned I'm going to Billing on the 17th and then the Nationals the week after.Then on the 30th I'm off to sunny Tennessee(can't wait)....What a month!I would proberbly have come to the show at Newcastle this week but unfortunately have work commitments,sorry. As I said though, next time your up this way let me know. VettePaul.:s
VettePaul said:
..on the 30th I'm off to sunny Tennessee (can't wait)

When are you getting into Bowling Green? A few of us will still be there (after the Rendezvous and the NCCC convention) until the first of July.

Hope we see ya! :J
Sorry 1987 Z51 but we don't actually touch down at Knoxville till late at night on the 1st July.Thats a damn shame.Is there anything that maybe of interest to me within the first 2 weeks in July around the area?
Gee, I don't know, it'll be my first trip to Tennessee as well. :D

I've driven through every other state (except Alaska & Hawaii), but until now haven't been to TN.

If you are registered with a hotel already, they should have some pamphlets or brochures available. Ask them to mail something to you. :upthumbs

poor timing

Gee, sorry that you won't get to Nashville July 1st.:( You will have just missed a great weekend at Bowling Green.:eyerole

The National Corvette Museum will be open, if you want to drive a hour north of Nashville. But the corvette factory will be closed. :cry I am not sure if they close for one or two weeks. They are getting ready for the new 2002 models on the assembly lines.:D but there is alot ot do in Nashville and I don't think you will get bored or anything like that.:s

Hope to see you here more.

yellow 81
Bring BEER

VettePaul: Better drink up before you come over :drink
Most Americans just don't understand GOOD beer :(
That's why I brew my own :booty
Love that English yeast (Wyeast #1098) in my ales :beer

There is a NCRS Chapter in England! might want to look in to it.

Thanks guys, Ishould have spoke to you before I booked my vacation.I will next time..........promise!
By the way fastglass95, with the price of gas over here none of us Brits with big thirsty yanks can afford to drink:cry WE pay five times more than you I think! So have a pint for us.
VettePaul. :beer

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