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Hole in the ground

Jan 24, 2002
Binghamton, NY
1981Dark Blue Metallic & 2004 conv. magnetic red
Hey Hey Hey

I'm excited they started digging for the footers today and hope to be putting up the framing in 2 weeks. It sure will be nice to have the Vette home where I can work on her this winter. Yes I will store my golf clubs and hockey equipment there too.

WOW can't wait

Conrgrats Chuck,

It's always exciting starting a project like that. How big are you going to make it? I know you'll love it. Take care, Tim :w
Hi Tim

Thanks for the encouragement, yes I'm very excited to have a place to put my toys. Its going to be 24' x 36' 3 stall with 6' of it being an area for work benches and stuff, guess my son wants to occupy 1 stall for building an S10 and the other is for my wife, guess I should have built a 5 stall. Footer is being poured today and will start putting up forms late thursday or friday I hope.

Chuck...Good luck...its nice to have your very own sanctuary. Don't let the old lady clutter it up with her crap...your crap needs its own home. ;)

That's terrific.
We need pics. Start to finish. :D

Hey Chuck, how tall are you going? I was relunctantly swayed into a 14 foot tall shop. At first I thought how ugly and gaudy looking. However, it has been a blessing because it allowed me to build a second level in there for additional part storage. If its not too late and you were only going 8 or 10 feet you might want to reconsider!
I will get some pics collected and post them.

The property slopes away from the road and the zoneing only allows for a max of 18' in height so I have to keep it to 8' inside height. I had originally submitted with a 12' inside height but it was shot down. Still I will be very happy with a place to keep my little dream ride.

My wife thinks I'm like a kid with a new toy and she realizes where I will be most of this winter. I never minded winters til I bought the Vette now I can kinda Vette year round.

Chuck, you said the property slopes away, which raises a question in my Planner's mind: how does your local jurisdiction define building height in their codes? In mine, because of varying topography, we allow for an average height measured from all four sides of the building to be considered, so that a property owner isn't necessarily penalized for have a property with a slope on it.

Can't wait to see the pics, though! I guess you have a place to store you hockey gear, too!


We are allowed to define the average exposure above grade too so we are bringing in about 50 trucks of fill for the building and to raise the ground level on 2 sides.

I could have applied for a varience to the code and put a storage below the actual garage but with the cost of steel decking, beams, extra excavation, additional poured floor, engineering report and another additional overheaad door it would have raised the cost another 12,000 to 15,000.

Pictures to be posted soon!

Most Important ***** The puck drops Sept. 9th for the start of our hockey season, WAHOO YIPEE YAHHA*****

Chuck:Twist :Twist :Twist
chuck congrats on starting the garage...you'll definately need it if the alamanc is correct!!!!...need pics!!!!!!!

i was looking for you at carlisle...did you go???

coming along very nicely!!!!!!
looks like a retaining wall there?? in the 1st pic???
Bill you are right and that wall goes 6' below grade to the footer, during excavation there found 6 trees that had been buried with the fill, so they had to come out to get to good dirt. This has made a lot more work for me and additional $$$$$$ but it worth it all.

The floor is being poured today and hopefully by monday I should be able to start laying out the framing.

With all the rain, running for election and material delays I thought I should send a picture that was taken this morning. Yup we got 2" of that white stuff and hope it is gone by noon so I can get another couple of hours in on the project
sorry to hear about the snow...we had a couple of squalls come thru yesterday,pm but no accumulation

starting to take shape!!!!!:_rock

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