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I just ordered my LT4 Hot Cam. Has anybody installed their own cam? I know I'll need intake gaskets and water pump gaskets but I'm sure I'm forgetting something. How about the opti? Can I get a new rotor and cap without buying a whole new unit? Any suggestions will be appreciated.:_rock
If you pull the fuel injectors off when you take the manifold off, the service manual recommends that you use new injector o-rings.

How is that hot cam working out? I'm thinking of getting one. Is it a relatively mild change, or a radical one? Can you still cruize smoothly at 70 in 6th gear?
Haven't installed it yet. Still getting various parts together. Work just went on 6 days a week so I don't know when I'll get the time now. Might have to pay someone to do it for me.:cry
A friend of mine has the LT4 hot cam, and he said his car is a bit harder to drive normally... the car idles a bit rougher so it requires more throttle to get it going without stalling, and it isn't as smooth during highway driving with the stock gears... after the cam he got 4.09's and it solved the rough highway driving though
LT4 Hot

I installed this on my 91 the whole kit I got to tell you if you do it yourself and its a daily driver plan to drive something else for a while. Maybe the LT1 is easier but the L98 was a ----- ! You will need a stall oh and have fun pulling tranny out to install the stall to the whole exhaust system has to come out ,torque arm bolt directly to tailshaft and rearend had to remove this to.In my opinion if your were thinking about a new exhaust system buy it before you pull tranny out. Oh the real kicker with the cam change was the one peace oil pan gasket you cannot get the front timing cover back on this could be different on LT1 though. After getting it running though man I tell ya this cam pulls hard on top end just has a hint of a rough idle perfect sleeper cam.I also have big mouth intake , runners 52mm throtle body adj. fuel regulator motorsports 30lbs injectors oh and Ed Wright custom chip tuneing needed for 30lbs injectors .Was it worth it :) well lets just say it was very hard work I was very Frusterted but in the end Ijust like to look in thre rearview mirror and see the two black stripes from the ole 275/40/17.
Sounds good Ethan. I'm still trying to find the time to install mine.
Whats the specs on the Hot cam- lift?, duration?, lobe seperation? By knowing these, if I wanted something just a tad milder, I could find that cam and maybe go one size down, or change lift or duration. I haven't done anything yet to the 350, but its coming! thanks
I have to look into it, but I think it was designed to be street legal... (outside of California anyway) so it should be ok on emissions.

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