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How can i make a new dull gray aluminum AIrGap Intake really shine ?



What has worked best for you ? Id rather not take it off the engine. Can i use a wire wheel with a drill, or, 0000 steel wool ? Please advise. Thanks, dave.

I was going to suggest vibratory polishing. It seems to be the hot thing for hard to get at places like you find on an intake. It must not hurt gasket surfaces as I have seen Holleys done.

Since you don't want to take it off the engine you will have to find someone with a big enough tub to hold the whole engine.

Tom :D

I think im pretty strong. Maybe ill just tip the ol BB over and dunk the carb in the tub.

what do u think about a wire wheel brush on it ?

wire brush


At work I use a wire wheel on my much abused big brass hammer when I debur it. Cleans it up and polishes off the grinding marks but doesn't smooth out the metal very well. It can actually erode it in places.

If you want a mirror finish you will have to sand it smooth then start with the courser polishing wheels. Work to the finer ones and then the buffing wheels and coloring compounds. If I remember right, Eastwood sells complete kits for polishing intakes ect.
I realy don't think you will get a job you will be happy with without removing the manifold. Sounds like a winter project to me.


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